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Monster Casino Releases A Huge Collection of Instant Win Games

Monster Casino Releases A Huge Collection of Instant Win Games

Instant win games are one of the simplest online casino games offered to the players. These instant win online games are just like lottery tickets. The only difference is that these games are much more creative and interesting to play. Also, the online instant win cash games have a higher payout than any other physical lottery games. You can play these games at almost all reputed online casinos.

Monster Casino Releases A Huge Collection of Instant Win Games

Some of the Best Instant Win Games To Play


The instant win games are of different types like the scratch card games, Hi-Lo Shuffle or in some cases, simple slot games. These are short duration games and have a faster payout rate.

Monster Casino has released some of the most interesting online instant win games. Let’s take a look at some of the best:

  • Look For The Treasure 7×7

Treasure 7X7 is a sea-themed instant win game that has a pretty unique concept. There are two grids given; one with the 7×7 symbols and one with 12 question marks. If all the symbols in one row of the 7×7 grid whether horizontally, vertically or diagonally are highlighted, you will win the round.

  • Win Big At Fast Buck Lucky

Fast Buck Lucky as the name suggests is one of the instant win games that lets you make some money really fast. There are three mini games in this game. These let you win in nine different ways.

  • Get To Know About The Mayan Legends

Mayan Legends is one of the most beautiful looking online instant win games where you have to reveal the items behind the masks and when three of them match, the player wins the prize.

  • Grab Some Cash At The Cash Buster Towers

The cash buster tower is also very easy to play. You need to select the colours that break blocks on the colourful towers and once the whole tower is destroyed, you win. There is also a minigame that comes with it.

  • Have Fun At The Slingo Bonus

This amazing combination of bingo and slots is one of the best instant win games to play. 6 locations, a huge £250,000 Jackpot, and an extremely easy gameplay make this game a must play.

  • Bust Some Blocks At The Cash Buster

Cash Buster is almost similar to Cash Buster Towers but here you will be given a dice to roll that will reveal the colours. These colours will break from the wall and if you fill one whole prize table on the side, you will win. This is one of the most rewarding online instant win cash games.

  • The Mayan Bonus Trivia

Mayan Bonus is one of the second instalments of the Mayan Legend. You are given 9 masks and you have to match three prizes that are given to them. In addition, there is also a bonus game with it.

  • Let’s Get Some Quick Fire Cash

This cowboy themed instant win game has some of the best graphics. The gameplay is really easy and you are given 4 games to choose from to win some quick and fiery prizes.

These instant win online games can be easily found at the Monster Casino and can be accessed by registering with them. So, do not waste any more time and start playing for some real cash.

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Post Name : Monster Casino Releases A Huge Collection of Instant Win Games

Posted On : 04/08/2017

Author : Cameron Riddell