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Why is Virtual Reality Gambling Becoming So Popular? Why is Virtual Reality Gambling Becoming So Popular?

Why is Virtual Reality Gambling Becoming So Popular?

Virtual Reality has been a dominant force in the online gaming industry. It has completely changed the way people interact with games. Realising the popularity and potential of Virtual Reality, online casinos have also jumped on the bandwagon. As of today, many online casinos have incorporated the amazing feature of Virtual Reality in card and table games.

Virtual Reality uses immersive and interactive technologies to create a simulated reality of a particular environment. But it’s not only in games where Virtual Reality has successfully made its mark. For many years, Virtual Reality has become an integral part of the movies and entertainment industry. Many action and science fiction movies have utilised this medium to render unique movie-viewing experiences. The animation industry is not far behind when it comes to capitalising on Virtual Reality. Some of the popular animation films let viewers experience and interact with the magical world of the characters.

Understanding the popularity of Virtual Reality casinos

Technology has played a key role in revamping and reshaping the online casino industry. Live-dealer technology has brought traditional casinos to their homes. Players do not have to necessarily visit a brick and mortar casino to satiate their gambling desires. With this impeccable technological innovation, players can experience and relive the simulated reality of a traditional casino. 

The presence of live dealers has added a degree of socialisation and interactivity into these games. Live dealer games have elevated the competitiveness level to one notch higher. The thrill and the adrenaline rush gamers get by playing with their opponents cannot be described in words. The success of live dealer games can be attributed to Virtual Reality. But it’s not just the online casinos that rely on VR. Mobile casinos have started banking on it as well. Mobile gaming has witnessed a hike in popularity over the last few years. It has made gaming accessible to everyone where anyone can now just download the app and start playing. To a large extent, it has resolved the issues of location barriers and convenience.


Online gaming operators are on the constant lookout to make mobile gaming sustainable and intriguing. With VR, a mobile casino can match up to the experience of an online casino. Mobile slots are one of the few games that make the most out of Virtual Reality. The changes and developments in the VR tools and equipment have allowed players to interact with their competitors during real-time. It is no longer constrained to just a simple 3D interface.

What makes VR casinos special?

A VR or a live casino boasts of some features that make it unique and superior to other games. Apart from the fact that players can walk up to the bar for a drink and join fellow players at the lounge, it also consists of:


Many live and Virtual Reality casinos provide some interesting and diverse gaming options for the players to choose. Even though there is a long way to go, some of the popular games are as follows:


3D slot games are yet to become the norm but some of the gaming sites have already started offering virtual slot games. The gaming rules and instructions function like any other regular slot games. Players can play for money or free if it’s their first time. The slots are equipped with a 24*7 customer assistance system to clear doubts and queries.


Live poker has amassed gaming enthusiasts to online casino and mobile sites. There are not many deviations from regular poker games. In virtual poker, players can select their favourite 3D poker table and interact with other competitors. Live table games make gaming entertaining and fun.

In-Game Chats

One of the best features of any Virtual Reality casino is that it has made games more social. Today, players get the opportunity of striking conversations with other players from different parts of the world. The interaction with the dealers makes the game authentic. Virtual casinos want to churn out real-life gaming experiences and make the players feel that they belong to the casino environment.

The Gear

Some Virtual Reality casinos do not require the use of VR. But without it, players cannot experience some of the innovative features of the game. Surprisingly, VR gear and headsets for online and mobile casinos come in a lot cheaper than other games. VR casinos are meant to produce simulated experiences of a traditional casino. They have created a demand for affordable headsets. In the US, many online casinos are adding or reworking VR games. They are planning to invest more in the development of VR casinos. Some mobile casinos are manufacturing VR headsets that are compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Gaming rooms

Bingo is one such online game that has the feature of game rooms or chat rooms. In this highly social and interactive game, players can select a game room of their choice and initiate a conversation with other players. Likewise, online and VR casinos are planning to integrate game rooms in the game. The idea of this feature is to let players feel connected and strike meaningful, friendly relations with other players.

Sounds and music

The utilisation of actual sounds increases the appeal of Virtual Reality games. It makes the game realistic as players engage with the elements and the characters present in the casino environment. Some of them add music which is already played at traditional casinos. The incorporation of music influences the mood and the way players interact with the interface.

The future

Virtual Reality casinos are still at a nascent stage but have all the potential to grow into a lucrative industry in the coming few years. A study revealed that the industry will be valued at $522 million by 2021. More technological advancements in the virtual games can introduce players to out-the-box features, themes and settings. For example, one game can be set against the backdrop of a cartel where the player engages in a match of poker to take down the mobsters. Traditional casinos are planning to create their versions of virtual casinos inside the premises so that they can have a competitive edge over the existing online casino sites. Virtual Reality has paved the way for causing a shift in the mindset and attitude of the gamers and turning gambling into a social affair.

Why is Virtual Reality Gambling Becoming So Popular?
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