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Learn more about Insurance in Online Blackjack Learn more about Insurance in Online Blackjack

Learn more about Insurance in Online Blackjack

Blackjack or 21 is a popular card comparing casino game. This game is played with more than one player and a dealer, the objective is to beat the dealer and not the other players. A player is declared the winner if he /she meets one of the following criteria:

  • Get 21 points on the first two cards before the Dealer gets them;
  • Reach a score higher than the dealer but less than 21;
  • Let the dealer draw extra cards until their total is more than 21.

This game is hugely popular and has variant rules across the globe. It’s a huge hit among those who love playing with calculations and probability too. The players also opt for online Blackjack insurance option to derive calculative payout out of the game. So it was no wonder when online casinos took this game and developed it for online players. This online Blackjack game became immensely popular in no time.

Learn more about Insurance in Online Blackjack

Taking Online Blackjack Insurance

Insurance in online Blackjack is a side bet. A player opts for online Blackjack insurance to guard his hand if he thinks that the dealer can get a Blackjack or hit 21 with the next draw. A Blackjack by the dealer leads to immediate loss of the player. Whenever the dealer shows Ace, he asks the players if they would like to take up online Blackjack insurance before he draws the next card (hole card). The players taking up Insurance will have to place an additional bet equal to half of their original bet. If the dealer hits Blackjack with the hole card, the player who took insurance will lose their original bet. But they will win their additional side bet i.e. insurance and collect the odds of 2-1.

Taking online Blackjack Insurance makes the player come up with an even hand. He does not win big money but doesn’t lose too. If the dealer does not hit Blackjack with the hole card the players lose their Insurance bet only and continue with the original wager and game.

To Insure or Not

While it might seem like just a side bet and only half the original but due to very low payouts it actually is a bad deal. The Insurance bet percentages work strongly in favour of the house.
Players are advised to take online Blackjack insurance only when they already hold a Blackjack. This will guarantee your win.

Place your Bet at Monster Casino

So once you decide to go for Blackjack and have your hands full, try Monster Casino. The casino offers a wide variety of online casino games, Blackjack being just one of them. The graphics and animations are really good and prompt you to get engaged. The game is easy to understand and fun to play. All the rules are as per the real game. Players get a chance to earn free welcome bonuses. Blackjack online can be easily played on a computer screen as well as on mobiles.

Learn more about Insurance in Online Blackjack
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Posted On : 07/11/2017

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