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New Slots Launch at Monster Casino! New Slots Launch at Monster Casino!

New Slots Launch at Monster Casino!

Slot machines are known to represent one of the most remunerative options of casino games. Monster Casino will be your incredible experience of playing casino games online. This place is your paradise and it has a wide range of thrilling new slots games. All the games are user-friendly, advanced, entertaining, and totally different that you will simply love. No matter, on which device you are going to play, it is suitable and best viewed on every device that includes desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

New Slots Launch at Monster Casino!

Keystone Kops: An Interesting Cop New Slots Game

Even if you are a newbie or professional in the world of online casino games, you have probably heard about Keystone Kops. This is a new slots game which is equipped with a theme inspired by the famous comics of the ancient era and includes cartoon graphics. The most valuable symbol is the kick with the stick and his hand. The slot game Keystone Kops has a good interface and comes with excellent dynamics and a very good gameplay.

Most adventures part of this game is an animated group of cops who seem to cause as much difficulty as they solve. There are total 3 games: Pilfering Pooch, Shuffle Scuffle, and Pie Patrol. All these three games are very attractive in design and theme.

The online slot machine Keystone Kops has a configuration of 4x4x3x4x4 lanes and a total of 100 ways to win. Bets vary between 0.30 and 120 credits per move. The bonus feature is activated with 2 bonus symbols on drums 2 and 3. Here you have the possibility to win between 4,000 and 20,000 points. The badge is scattered and x3, x4 or x5 of these in lanes 2 and 3 give you access to up to 8 free spins.

Lucky Falls Slots

Lucky Falls slots is an instant win bonus game. Try your luck on dropping coins from the waterfall and enjoy watching them bouncing down from the falls and also achieve a big win. If 3 coins land in the same bucket, you will win the big prize. If you can succeed to drop a single coin in the centre pot which is a bonus pot, you will be wondered that waterfalls can trigger the immediate bonus win round.

When all the 7 coins dropped from the waterfall, it will be the end of the game.

Wide Variety of New Themed Games at Monster Casino

There is a wide range of new slots from incredible new themes to classic slots. You will have plenty of choices of games to choose from. You will have limitless offers to play with new slots. Those days have gone when you can try only certain games in the online version. The scenario has completely shifted from basic to 3D slots and live casino games. Now you will have wide choice to play traditional to themed slot games at Monster Casino.

New Slots Launch at Monster Casino!
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