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Travel Back to the Mayan Age with Our Mayan Themed Instant Win Games

Travel to the Mayan Age with Our Mayan Themed Instant Win Games

Another day in the baktun, of the Maya calendar year. Imagine ascending the stairs of Kukulkan pyramid ascending closer to God. Search through mass tombs for the hidden treasures of once great kings, jades and pieces of jewellery in the form of exciting games. Be Beguiled by the Mayan masks and artforms exhibited in the temple as you slide your fingers against the walls reading the glyphs. Amazed by ancient Mayan artefacts, histories, and cultural heritage, civilization progresses each day travelling through time discovering these treasures. How about being able to trade them for cash? Well, Monster Casino has opened up this time machine in the form of two great instant win games. Travel back to the Mayan Age with Mayan-themed online instant win games.

Travel Back to the Mayan Age with Our Mayan Themed Instant Win Games

Try the Mayan Bonus – One of The Best Online Instant Win Games

Travel back to the Mayan age to the Mayan Bonus game. This instant win game is quite easy to play and is among the best online instant win games. It has an ancient civilization theme. A form of a scratch card game, the aim is to seek treasures by matching the artefacts. Here players reveal the 9 prizes that lie behind the mask. You have to reveal 3 matching items to win. However, in Mayan Bonus, if you don’t win you are still given the chance to play the bonus game to aim for a win, unlike most paper scratch card games.

Matching at least three artefacts will reveal the prize and the golden ball by selecting the individual items on the screen or clicking the “Reveal All” button to expose all.

A host of cash prizes can be earned by filling the nine slots with golden balls that unlock the ‘Spin A Wheel” feature; a bonus game that includes cash prizes.

Try the Mayan Legends – Another One from the Mayan Dynasty

The opportunity to win £400k with the role of a dice seems like a fairy tale, but not when you travel back into the Mayan age with the online instant win games- Mayan-themed, Mayan Legends. If you’re adventurous, this is definitely for you!

The Mayan legends online instant win games have an impeccable 3D graphic design layout embedded in the Mayan civilization with colourful statues of Mayan Legends. You are allowed to set your bet amount after selecting “Play”. The aim is to discover the hidden treasure by revealing what’s behind the masks. One needs to click on the dice in order to collect the mask at any given position. The symbols which are matched gets collected. Symbols collected by the players get all marked. Any given aspirant is given five chances to roll the dice and win in three different ways;

  • Fill the row on the prize table to win the prize money on that row
  • Collect exactly three or more crystal masks.
  • Or collect the instant prize from the game board.

Why Monster Casino?

These are some of the fascinating game plays with great rewards. Play at the same stake or change your bet, learn more about the Mayan culture while winning at the Monster Casino. Monster Casino provides a great user-interface to try this online instant win games.

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Post Name : Travel to the Mayan Age with Our Mayan Themed Instant Win Games

Posted On : 13/03/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell