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How Does Online Slot Paylines Work?

Online slots are undoubtedly the next big thing in the gambling industry. They are fun, exciting and immensely engrossing. Additionally, the plethora of slots available online provides a huge array of slot games to choose from. Playing an online slot is fun and rewarding and understanding the slot paylines is easier. There are various types of slot games available- be it reel slot, progressive slot or video slot. But the basic rules behind each slot games remain the same. The main objective of any online slot is to hit a winning combination of symbols. Rewards are given according to the winning combination and the bet placed by the player. Some slot games require the appearance of particular symbols on particular paylines and the winning amount can be checked at the pay table.

How Does Online Slot Paylines Work?

Features of Online Slot Paylines

There are certain common steps involved in every online slot game. They are as follows;

  • Deciding the lines to be wagered
  • Choice of coin denomination
  • No of coins to be bet
  • Placing the bets
  • Spinning the reel

After spinning the reel, numbers are generated randomly. If the symbols appear in a particular order on slot paylines, the reward is credited to the player. The number of paylines is decided by the winning combinations which in turn are decided by the number of reels. Most commonly used paylines are that of 3,5,9,15,20 and 25.

What exactly are Slot Paylines?

Paylines can be said to be the lines on which symbols need to appear in a particular order for the player to win. These run through the reels and each payline has one symbol on each reel. The payline on which the player has set the wager is known as active payline. When the reels stop, the symbol combinations on the payout table are compared with the symbols on the active paylines.

The most important feature while describing an online slot is the number of paylines it has. Different online slots available have a different number of slot paylines. Slot paylines depend on the number of winning combination and number of reels. As the technology has progressed, slots with vertical, horizontal, diagonal and zigzag paylines are also available.

Many times, online slots may even have a different combination of paylines. For example, a winning combination may include two horizontal paylines along with three diagonal ones. One should clearly go through the rules and regulations and payout table to avoid any inconsistency later. Sometimes, understanding a payline can be really tedious. One should always keep in mind that paylines depend on the number of coins involved in the bet.

Get Paylines for a Huge Win!

The number of the payline one plays on, more is the chance of winning big. One doesn’t need to play on all the slot paylines if one doesn’t wish to. But obviously, the number of paylines means an increased chance of winning. The betting amount naturally increases, but the number of rewards increases as well. Each slot has different theme and gameplay, but the payline option is available in each slot and isn’t very difficult to find. Understanding paylines may be difficult in the beginning but once you get a grip on it, it will be as smooth as butter.

How Does Online Slot Paylines Work?
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Posted On : 12/09/2017

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