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A Quick Guide on Single Deck Blackjack Odds

If you have been planning to try out your luck playing Blackjack, you must know the winning strategies of this highly popular table game. The fact that most of the casinos worldwide engage maximum tables for playing Blackjack itself reflects its popularity. So, maximum players who are involved in the play will demonstrate their expertise. The gist of the game is to get more points than the dealer and that too before going over 21. In order to play well, it is essential that you will have to understand the various single deck Blackjack odds before expecting bigger wins in the game.

Dealer’s advantage- One of the Major Single Deck Blackjack Odds

A Quick Guide on Single Deck Blackjack Odds

By rule, it is the dealer or the house which bags an 8% advantage in most of the casinos. This edge that the dealer has over others is simply due to the action sequence. Since the dealer acts in the last (it is supposed to be like that!), the scenario changes till then as all the other players have acted. Maybe some players may also have busted before the dealer takes the decision about the action to be taken. This is one of the commonest single deck Blackjack odds which you should keep in mind.

The Dealer Has These Odds To Make His Final Hand

The dealer has a certain percentage of chance about his hand ending up totalling each value up to 16. With a 28.36% value percentage with a dealer final hand on 16, you can very well understand this game’s predictability till the end. At Natural 21, this value percentage is as low as 4.82% and for 17, it is a mediocre 14.58%, still better, isn’t it?

Know Your Chance of Busting

Depending upon the value of your hand, you can land into a busting percentage that is highly variable. Predictable chance is something that you must know as there are many single deck Blackjack odds in this regard. For instance, you have a 100% busting probability if you hit with a hand value of 21. On the other hand, there is a lesser 31% busting with a hand value as less as 12 and of course a 0% chance with 11 or lesser hand value.

Discover both Common and Uncommon 2-Card Count Frequencies

Being dealt a natural Blackjack is the most uncommon frequency that happens, only a small 4.8%. So, better be on a look out for the same. The most common 2-card count is the Decision Hand 1-16 the odds of which being dealt is a huge 38.7%. In this count, depending on the dealer’s show card, you must take the tough decision of moving ahead in the game. Another one from the single deck Blackjack odds is in the Hard Standing 17-20 count with a 30% frequency.

So, now that you have gained the knowledge about the generally occurring single deck Blackjack odds, you can think of numerous ways to beat the odds and steer your way to victory!

A Quick Guide on Single Deck Blackjack Odds
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Posted On : 18/07/2017

Author : Cameron Riddell