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Game of Thrones Slots Makes its Debut at Monster Casino

Game of Thrones Slots Makes its Debut at Monster Casino

Monster Casino is offering the brand-new entry to the gambling universe- the raging, piping hot Game of Thrones slots. The excitement amongst the gamblers is simply uncontainable. And why not? The GoT franchise has been a big hit and there is no reason why the gambling sites should not be cashing in its worldwide appeal.
The HBO show is awaiting its finale and speculations rife in the market about the final storyline of its yet another season. This new game slots by Microgaming features all the popular characters from the show.

Game of Thrones Slots Makes its Debut at Monster Casino

The Setting of the Game of Thrones slots

The new Game of Thrones slots is more bent towards the gamification of the usual online casino slots with high-definition graphics and an adjoining background storyline. Those new to gambling will love the whole series-based game slots offering new challenges and following bets at each level. The players can even choose and manipulate their characters. You will find the whole set of the game featuring the far-off fictional lands of Westeros and Winterfell.
Game of Thrones slots features four houses competing for the glory of the infamous Iron Throne. As is obvious, the game levels up across several rounds. The houses featured are those of the Targaryens, The Starks, The Lannisters, and The Baratheons. The number of free spins and the bonuses offered to the players depend on the house you choose to play from.

What to Expect While Conquering The Iron Throne?

The players get to choose the house they want to be hailing from and each one of them has got its own pros and cons.

The house Targaryen, being the masters of dragons offer the highest eighteen free spins.
A close second in the competition for the Iron Throne is the House Stark with fourteen free spins.

The House Lannister offers an alluring ten free spins, while if you choose, House Baratheon you will have to forget about any free spins. To compensate though, the House of Baratheon offers a powerful 5x multiplier.

You can multiply your rewards almost with the blink of an eye with these awesome multipliers. The game gets risky as it approaches higher levels and your whole game life gradually turns into a gamble where a toss of a coin from Bravos decides if you stay or make an exit. Exciting, yeah? But as the profits increase, the risks increase too. So, make sure you place your bets right.

Play Game of Thrones Slots at Monster Casino

The new Game of Thrones slots can now be played at the official site of Monster Casino. The smooth interface and easy design of the site make the gambling experience a well-nigh real one. So, while waiting for the simmering eighth season to release, get your hands on the new Game of Throne online slots and see yourself getting closer to the lofty Iron throne!

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Posted On : 05/04/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell