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Dual Play Tables: Why should you use them more?

Dual Play Tables: Why should you use them more?

Real-money internet casinos began to appear in 1996, and excitement was building. Moreover, technologies like mobile gaming and cryptocurrency transactions have kept players impressed and drawn in more crowds to online casinos as well.

Then came the launch of Playtech’s 1st live casino was a huge surprise. It essentially implies that players may now experience a virtual casino run by actual dealers, just like they would in a real one. In addition to all of that, there are now dual play tables which elevate the whole gaming experience to entirely new heights.

What was the beginning of it all?

The concept of real-time dealer titles and games was not novel. Attempts to do something comparable began around 1998. Technologies, on the other hand, were just not available at that time. To put things in perspective for you, let me look at the situation in detail. It wasn’t until 1995 when Microgaming opened the first ever online casino. Just 3 years following the launch of the very first casino, there were initiatives to integrate live casinos.

But such early games were not without their flaws. Desktops were very few at that time, and internet connections were sluggish. With dial-up internet, you never knew when a phone call might interrupt your game of blackjack. Despite these drawbacks, internet casinos’ ease of use could not be overlooked. Playing online has been immensely popular since the last several years. That means the scenery was getting a lot better.

Although online casinos have made great progress, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about playing on the internet. As smartphones became more popular, people all around the world began to use the internet on a daily basis. Tens of thousands of fresh players tried their luck at casino games annually, and they all loved it. The popularity of online casinos has skyrocketed. Player expectations rose in tandem with advancements in technology.

How has the proliferation of smartphones changed everything?

Live casinos, on the other hand, were already on the scene when the first cell phones were released. The very first titles were introduced in 2006 or 2007. When they first appeared, they were quite hard to find. Although the circumstances for live casinos were not yet ideal, they were evolving steadily. Live streaming of genuine dealers using real cards as well as roulette wheels was made possible by faster internet.

The introduction of smartphones certainly improved live dealer games. As the number of people with smartphones expanded, so did the number of devices that needed greater bandwidth on the internet. The moment smartphones transitioned from novelty item to necessity, live casinos were prepared. HTML5 became the standard for all major software companies about 2012. This was done to make mobile casino games more accessible to gamers who don’t have access to a PC.

How has the proliferation of smartphones changed everything?

The first dual-play tables

Evolution was the 1st, as predicted, to implement the Dual Play Table functionality in 2015. The Dragonara Casino situated in Malta provided the Dual Play roulette table’s live feed. It was only a year later that the business unveiled its second dual play table, with the 3rd edition going online in 2017. This paved the way for other companies to create real-money live games using the same model.

Double-Play Tables: What Is Their Mechanism?

Developers have to find innovative methods to keep players interested and satisfied in the industry’s crowded live dealer casino market. Dual play tables, a new type of live casino innovation, enable players to interact with land-based casino players on a real – time basis. To put it another way, players from both the physical or offline casino as well as the live casino may sit down at the very same table and compete against each other.

Another benefit of using this new technology is that online players are no longer constrained by the time constraints associated with traditional gaming tables. Additionally, the programme works well on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Various games compatible with dual-play tables

It all began with a popular live casino game — live roulette – to get the ball rolling on this exciting new offering. What for? The table configuration of this game restricts the number of decisions that players may make. Since all wagers are made up front, no further information is needed later in the game.

Due to their complexity, games such as live poker or blackjack are excluded from the list. As per the designer, considering the present level of technological advances, this may not be possible. This means live casino gamers will have to settle for roulette and baccarat on the dual play tables for the foreseeable future.

Gameplay and regulations for dual-table play

Dual play tables are much like any other live casino table game in terms of playability. Players sit at a communal table with some other online players as well as the dealer, who keeps tabs on everything that happens at the table. There are similar signs asking for a stake on the virtual table when placing bets, just as there would be at an actual real one.

The gaming perspective and loudness level may both be customised by players at the same time, though. This is due to the fact that the table and the wheel or board or other gaming components are recorded from several angles, ensuring that the whole session is covered. Extensive options allow players to select the display setting, modify the backdrop sound, and save their favourite bets if necessary.

Are dual play tables worth the investment of time and finances?

The fact that these dual play tables can accommodate many players at once is sufficient incentive to employ them. This means you will get to experience a unique social occasion that you won’t find at any typical live table game session, one that’s both interesting and real. In addition, the camera angles are perfectly situated, and the direct connection line using Chat Box is also noteworthy. Overall, dual play baccarat as well as roulette tables offer a unique experience not seen at normal live games.

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Dual Play Tables: Why should you use them more?
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