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Baccarat Live
3.4/5 - (48 votes)

Baccarat Live

Baccarat is one of the most loved card game in the world. Because of the popularity of this entertaining game, Evolution Gaming has launched their best live baccarat game. Baccarat Live is the latest and most exciting way to play this classic game. Evolution Gaming has gone further mile to provide the realistic atmosphere and feel to this card game.
Wide-angle HD camera with the close-up shots and high-quality playback sounds feature in this baccarat game. In this Baccarat version, gambling is handled by trained professional dealers on the table. Moreover, this live casino game can be played on your favourite devices like iPad, iPhone, Mac, desktops. Laptops and most smart devices.

How to Play Baccarat Live?

When you will open Baccarat Live and take a seat at the table, you will receive a warm welcome by the live dealers. They will also respond to your queries and questions, you can write your questions in the chat box and the live dealer will interact with you.

The rules and regulations of the game are standard and identical to the conventional baccarat. Baccarat Live is also played with eight set of playing cards and players can put on them in any hand they want. The minimum and maximum bets are shown on the screen and you must have sufficient balance which is also shown on the screen. Players also keep in mind that bet which meets the minimum bet. Despite player, tie and banker players can also place pair side bets on two cards given to players and dealer.

Rules of the game

1. The ace cards are the lowest paying card and give 1 point on every card.
2. The numeric cards from 2 to 9 have the same value as their numbers.
3. The 10s and queen, jack and king cards worth zero.
4. The numeric values of the playing cards are pertinent while the suites of the playing cards (spades, clubs, diamonds and heart) are impertinent.
5. The live dealer will start the game by distributing two cards to each player and the banker.
6. All the results are of coups are stored in the four conventional patterns (cockroach, small road, big-eyed roads and big roads)

To Sum Up

Needless to say, Baccarat Live is a perfect platform to play baccarat for VIP as well for players with small betting amounts. A variety of betting option keeps the thrill alive in players and live interaction and playback sound also makes the gameplay smooth and solve all the doubts of players. You can try this game in all live casino including Monster Casino.

Game Title : Baccarat Live

Author Name : Shaun Allison

Baccarat Live