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The Brief History of Online Mobile Casinos The Brief History of Online Mobile Casinos

The Brief History of Online Mobile Casinos

It was estimated in 2015 that the mobile gambling wagering could surpass $48 billion US dollars. Mobile gambling went on to be the advancement of the casino gaming which started from land based machines.

The Brief History of Online Mobile Casinos

Online casinos became one of the sensational talks among casino players as it featured graphics and the comfort to play from wherever and whenever possible at any time. These were a digital version of the brick and mortar casinos which were the popular gambling machines in previous times. The advancement in technology took the casino world to its next level. More number of people started to try them as it was possible with the click of a few buttons. The online version also featured the option to play against multiple players from all over the world. Live Casinos went a step further providing live human dealer making the actions on a real casino table.

The themes had a better impact on the player more than real casinos because of the less limitations in creating the virtual casinos due to availability of advanced digital tools. The visuals were very appealing and this made non casino players to try the online casino games. The fondness of the themes among people made these to burst into thousands of versions of the same game. It also improved the quality of gaming to a higher scale.

Mobile casinos:

It took quite a lot of time for the casino to move from land-based to computers than from computers to mobile phones. Ever since the smartphones came into the market the games developers wanted to develop casino games which support all mobile devices. They foresaw the potential for mobile casino games. The first mobile casino game was developed in 2005 and was in JAVA script. It was a fairly basic game with poor graphics when compared to today’s mobile casino games. It didn’t have any real money win and the rewards were only virtual. Since it was made in JAVA it has many technical restrictions. With casino games shifting to mobile, it became more flexible and also easier to reach.

Modern casinos are played in HTML5 through various browsers and this eliminates the need to have additional programs to run the casino games and also supported many fascinating ones of it is the 3D option. The touch screen mobiles have made the casino gaming more interactive and have added more excitement and fun.

The payment option works seamlessly in mobile phones and more crucially with high security and safety.

Various payment options are also available to the players providing more options to choose from. Most of the casinos now use state-of-the-art encryption systems making the transfer of money and personal data more secure.

Mobile gaming opened a large market for virtual casino games and provides the user to play games on the go without any difficulties, adding more spark and thrill.

The Brief History of Online Mobile Casinos
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Posted On : 17/07/2017

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