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The Best Roulette Bets to Improve Your Chances of Winning The Best Roulette Bets to Improve Your Chances of Winning

The Best Roulette Bets to Improve Your Chances of Winning

It goes without saying that Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in both land-based and online casinos alike. In fact, a large number of people now prefer playing Roulette over other casino games.

The Best Roulette Bets to Improve Your Chances of Winning

It’s the simplicity of online Roulette game that makes it appeal to so many casino players: no bluffing or any complex rules to worry about, it’s just you against the odds. As a player, all you need to do is bet on your preferred number, set of numbers or colour, and hope that the ball will come to land on that numbered segment.

While winning big at Roulette might seem like a fantasy reserved for high rollers, it’s possible to improve your chances of winning by knowing the best Roulette bets.

Read on to know more about the best roulette bets to improve your winnings.

Roulette bet 1: Red/Black, Even/Odds, 1-18/19-36

The beauty of Roulette lies in the fact that it offers players almost 50% chance of winning on a single bet. With the red/black, even/odds, or 1-18/19-36 bets, you’re giving yourself the chance of hitting almost half of the betting options on the Roulette wheel. Of course, the payout ratio is lower (1:1), but it’s one of the safest bets you can place in the game of Roulette.

Roulette bet 2: Columns

If the 1:1 payout doesn’t excite you, then you can slightly up the ante and the payout to 2:1 by betting on the columns. Here, you bring down your option of numbers down to a little third, but it still covers a large portion of the felt while doubling your winnings. For example, by betting on the column, a £10 bet will win you £20.

It’s worth noting that the columns don’t contain consecutive numbers. And the 0 and 00 aren’t included in any of the columns because they’re too good for all the other numbers.

The Best Roulette Bets to Improve Your Chances of Winning

Roulette bet 3: Black and Third column/Red and Second column

The third best Roulette bet is specifically designed for casino games players who like to hedge their Roulette bets. The Roulette board is quite interesting and if you study it thoroughly, it may help you in making good decisions at the table.

There are 8 red and 4 black numbers on the third column of the board, whereas the second column is reversed, with 8 black and 4 red numbers. As a player, you can take advantage of this layout for some small and steady gains. When playing Roulette in the best online casino UK, If you bet on the third column and double your stake on the black (for example, £10 on the third column and £20 on the black), there’s a good chance of you breaking even or making gains.

Roulette bet 4: Straight Up

If you want to increase the payout even further, then you can go with the straight Roulette bet. This involves betting on a single number and hoping that the ball will land on it. The risk involved in this bet is extremely high, but the payout is also quite good – 35:1. Plus, this is the only category of Roulette bets that includes the 0 and 00.

So, if you’ve got a bankroll of £700, then you can go through 70 £10 bets in a row before you’re out of the game. The chance of you hitting the exact number is 1 in 37, but the risk could be worth the payout for some players.

Roulette bet 5: Split Bet

If you want the chance of winning even bigger payouts, then you can go for the split bet instead. The split bet involves placing chips on any two numbers that are next to one another on the felt. This can be either vertical or horizontal, and to place the bet you put a chip on the line between the two numbers.

Split bets offer a payout of 17 to 1. While this is quite lower than the straight bet, your chances of hitting your numbers are 1 to 18, which is way better than the 1 in 37 straight Roulette bet offers.


Roulette is a game of chance, so your winnings are mostly based on the element of luck. But by placing the above bets, you can increase your chances of winning at the game. With these bets, the odds are simply much better for you.

The Best Roulette Bets to Improve Your Chances of Winning
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