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All-New Instant Win Games Launch at Monster Casino All-New Instant Win Games Launch at Monster Casino

All-New Instant Win Games Launch at Monster Casino

Monster Casino is truly monstrous and has the game collection to prove it! This casino is among the most respected on the globe, due in part to the care with which treats its clientele, as well as the amazing rapidity with which it updates its games collection. Then there’s the fact that players at Monster Casino are bound to get totally spoiled with a never-ending stream of bonuses and rewards. Now, some new Instant Win games have just made their way to the collection of Monster Casino. These games are of course high-class to the limit and packed with enough features to keep a thousand devils sinfully entertained!

All-New Instant Win Games Launch at Monster Casino

Here are the new Instant Win games under discussion and the most notable features they are equipped with:

  • Cook Up Some Great Fun– The Cash Cookout is made by a team from IGT who appear to have a rather weird sense of fun. It is all about a barbecue, only instead of steaks sizzling on the grill, there are hefty cash amounts there soaking up the heat! For a win, players are expected to turn up matching numbers and the gameplay is a fun and simple exercise. These new instant win games lack a bonus feature as such, but more than makes up for it with a jackpot prize that is capped at ₤250,000. Time to get cooking!
  • Football Is SupremeSupreme Football is one of those new instant win games that deliver so much fun and thrills. This is a 5 reel and 15 payline slot that is so football themed that players can practically smell the lush grass of the football pitch that forms the main background! Made by Spielo G2, these new instant win games have a free spins bonus round, as well as a jackpot bonus that as of the present boasts a maximum prize of £231,668. Better get it kicking, folks!
  • Drop the Monkey-Monkey Drop is a game by IGT that involves helping a monkey drop a ball into some holes. It is kind of zany but rather enjoyable with a cheeky little monkey it would be impossible not to love! This instant win games is very much akin to a Plinko game and has a bonus that can trigger a jackpot prize that is set to an impressive £150,000.
  • Time To Get Medieval! – The Medieval Money Dragon Loot slot comes fresh from the stables of IGT and has a medieval theme so thick it could be sliced with a bread knife! The setting happens to be a merry grassland, with players being given a massive catapult and tasked with bombarding the walls of a castle for thrills and wins. There are no standard reels and payline structure in evidence, though there are enough colourful icons in view to get a dragon feeling all frisky! An appropriately named Dragon’s Loot Bonus round is featured as well where players get to steal treasures from a sleeping dragon. The Medieval Money Dragon Loot instant win game sure does pour joy and thrills into the lives of players!
  • Balloon and ProsperBalloonies Swap and Pop is a very colourful and cheery game by IGT. It has an adorable cast of characters, with gameplay consisting of matching the featured characters, while hoping to receive an instant win prize for this comforting feat. This is an astonishingly simple game that assuredly punches like anything!
All-New Instant Win Games Launch at Monster Casino
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Post Name : All-New Instant Win Games Launch at Monster Casino

Posted On : 14/05/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell