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20 Rare Facts About The Jumanji

Released in 1995 and talked about till date, the Jumanji is a truly a gem of a movie. The slot game – Jumanji turns into a life threat for the players in the movie. The question that arises now is, why the movie was so talked about so much.

20 Rare Facts About The Jumanji

20 Mind-Boggling Facts About Jumanji

1. A grand start

The movie released on December 15th, 1995 and generated a total revenue of $263 million, the 10th highest grossing movie of 1995.

2. Magical Return on Investment

With cutting-edge visual effects, the total spend on the movie was $65 million.

3. Brantford

The town of Keene in New Hemisphere was chosen for shooting Brantford. For depicting “Parrish shoes”, the name was printed on the brick building.

4. Full justice to the part

Scarlett Johansson was also auditioned for the role of Judy Shepherd which was played by Kirsten Dunst.

5 .Jonathan to the rescue

The roles of Alan’s distant father, Sam Parrish and the villainous big game hunter, Van Pelt were played by Jonathan Hyde.

6. The storyline

The movie is based on a famous book by Chris Van Allsburg who has also written down Polar Express.

7. The word ‘Jumanji’

Jumanji is a Zulu word, standing for “many effects” The movie also mentions it as “exciting consequences”.

8. A great Comedian

The role of Alan Parrish was played by a comedian, Robin Williams.

9. Another one

The co-stars enjoyed spending time with Williams who made everyone laugh on the sets.

10. Young expert

Though 13, Dunst had played several roles before Judy’s in movies like Little Women and Interview.

11. Felt and acted

Williams, playing Christian Science Monitor, believes the reason behind his great acting was because he could relate to the character.

12. Another similarity

The fractured relationship captured in the film between Alan and his father also reminded Williams of his father’s and grandfather’s relationship.

13. The squares

The game board had a total of 110 squares.

14. Kid’s movie?

Williams and Roger Ebert had a similar opinion of the movie when they said it’s not a children’s movie and is too scary for them.

15. Late Entry

Williams appeared after 28 minutes in the movie despite being the most paid Jumanji actor.

16. The Crocodile

The crocodile that appears in one of the scenes and fights Williams was Tom Woodruff inside a crocodile costume.

17. And the lion too

The lion’s character was also portrayed by Woodruff.

18. Special effects

Williams pointed out that it was a difficult experience to act alongside CGI effects.

19. Inside the water tank

While shooting the monsoon scene, Dunst pointed out that she spent around two weeks inside the water tank.

20. Monkey Make Up

The little kid in the movie found it challenging for him to sit each day for almost 70 days for three and a half hours of makeup application to look like a monkey.

20 Rare Facts About The Jumanji
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