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  • Boss the Lotto

    Boss the Lotto
    4.611 (92.22%) 18 votes

    Do you enjoy the thrill of unpredictability? If yes, then play Boss the Lotto” to win lots of money. The online game is a stress buster with plenty of big prizes. This a simple lottery game with impressive visuals. You have a matrix on the main screen with a row full of lottery balls which are both good and bad. You just have to reveal good balls to win hefty prizes.

    Boss the Lotto for Buckets Full Of Money

    Boss the Lotto is an instant win game which can be played on all devices. This online lottery game is an entertainer with good graphics and easy gameplay. The lottery balls are given a realistic look and you will feel as if you are standing in front of a lottery machine. The balls are blue and change their colour to pinkish red. The gleaming light makes the visuals more fascinating. You would not have seen a lottery game with such interesting graphics.

    To kick off the game choose your starting deposit. You have a wide range of betting options starting from just £1 and up to £40. The more you bet, the more is the chance to win. It has 49 balls, out of which 43 are good balls and 6 are bad. The bad balls can end your game, making you lose you a big jackpot. The good ball will change into a currency sign and the bad ball will change its colour to black.

    Your motive is to reveal the good ball with a prize. You can double your money by picking 6 good balls simultaneously. It’s your choice to end the game at this point or continue for more money. As you move forward in the game there are new twist and turns which make it a little bit harder. Make your choices wisely as just one bad ball is enough to ruin all your winnings.

    As the gameplay is very easy and clear there are no special bonus features. You have to pick the ball randomly and you can win a jackpot of £5,000,000 which is quite good. But unfortunately Boss the Lotto does not contain any other bonus features.

    Final thoughts

    This is an easy and unique online game. Boss the Lotto is very creative in comparison to other lottery games. It offers an RTP of 91% which seems very less from other online games. But if it’s your best day then you can take big rewards with you.

    Game Summary

    Boss the Lotto

    Game Name: Boss the Lotto

    Posted On: 06/12/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    Boss the Lotto
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