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    For a lover of cards, there is no game that is better suited than a simple game of blackjack. With its simplistic style and the chances that you have to win, blackjack is a very exciting game to play, especially if you are in the mood for something challenging.

    Playing a game of 21

    Blackjack is also called 21. The game involves using two cards to get a total of 21. If you are lucky enough to get a hand value that is close to 21 or is equal to 21, you are said to have won the game. The way these cards are counted is simple: An Ace can give you a score of 1 or 11, depending on which number you need when you have it in hand. The rest of the cards then have descending value and they are used as you would expect to get a blackjack, which is a hand of 21.

    Terms used in blackjack

    There are several terms used in blackjack that you may be unfamiliar with, so it is best that we get these out of the way first.

    • Pat: A pat is a hand that has at least 17 points in it.
    • Hard hand: A hard hand is one in which you have no Ace or you have the total hand value as being more than 11 while it includes an Ace, in which case you will have to consider the Ace to have a value of just 1.
    • Doubling down: You can double your original wager if you want to take the option of choosing another card after you have already been dealt your two cards. This can only be done if your total hand value is coming up to somewhere between 9 or 11.
    • Face cards: These are cards that literally have a face, like the King, Queen and Jack.
    • Hole card: A hole card is one that is dealt face down.
    • Hit: This is when you request the dealer to give you another card.
    • Stiff Hand: A stiff hand is one that is more likely to lose during the game. These hands have a total of anywhere between 12 to 16 and are more likely to suffer a loss to the dealer.
    • Surrender: Some games allow you to surrender if you feel you have a losing hand, so that you only lose half of your bet amount instead of the whole thing.

    Playing blackjack is a lot of fun. There are certain tricks to playing the game that seasoned players have well realised. It has something to do with considering your odds and betting smart and also realising when it is time to pull out of the game. All the best for your next game!

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    Game Name: Blackjack

    Description: Blackjack - The popular classic casino game online. Join Monster Casino, a new online casino UK and play now

    Posted On: 06/05/2016

    Author: Shaun Allison

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