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Blackjack Platinum VIP
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Blackjack Platinum VIP
4.9/5 - (29 votes)

Blackjack Platinum VIP

Evolution Gaming has always come up with some fast and authentic Blackjack table games. Out of that list, Blackjack Platinum VIP seems to have a distinctive branding and colouring which has the elegant table in grey colour and you get to play with very attractive dealers. The minimum bet offered by the company is 250 credits which are quite higher than the usual game. It appears as if it has been done to signify the title “VIP”.

Blackjack Platinum VIP has got lot more

Blackjack Platinum VIP Blackjack is an absolutely right choice for the ones who are looking for some high-roller action and that too over some costly chips. The game comes with standard Blackjack rules. In order to start it, you just need to grab a seat for yourself on the table and place the initial bet. You are supposed to make it in the given time-frame, otherwise, your seat wouldn’t be yours anymore. The minimum bet is already mentioned and the maximum depends on the operator’s house gaming rules.

In order to make the newcomers more comfortable, players are allowed to chat among themselves and even the hosts, who seem to be quite friendly. Since it offers you very short time between dealings, the players get to enjoy numerous games in just an hour session.
You can increase the number of wins by going over to the available side bets.

Apart from the main bet, the game comes with three different side bets. You can try your luck in the bet behind, perfect pairs and the 21+3. In perfect pairs, you need to place a bet on the very first two cards given to by the dealer. You grab a win if they end up being a matching pair. In 21+3, you bet on your first two cards and the dealer’s up-facing card. In bet behind, you just bet while you are waiting to get a seat on the table.

The playing rules in Blackjack Platinum VIP are quite similar to the Blackjack one, it is played with eight decks of cards. You can split the initial cards or might double down on any of the initial cards or split them up. Though only once, this game pays 3 to 2, whereas the insurance will be paying you 2 to 1.

To Sum Up

Blackjack Platinum VIP is both thrilling and charming. It seems to be an ultimate solution for high rollers who are looking for an exciting Blackjack experience. You can always end up making some extra wins through the numerous side bets.

Game Title : Blackjack Platinum VIP

Author Name : Shaun Allison

Blackjack Platinum VIP