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Baccarat Squeeze
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Baccarat Squeeze
4.9/5 - (23 votes)

Baccarat Squeeze

Live casino games are emerging at a high rate, this is the best we have got in casino games and Evolution Gaming is one of the best Live Casino Games producer in the market. So here comes another one from them known as Baccarat Squeeze which is similar to the classic one in which the dealer shows the face-down cards. Thus, increasing the heartbeats of the players and adding the surprise flavour to the game. All the live action is covered by 15 HD cameras to give the game a more happening look and an amazing view.

Baccarat Squeeze Features and Gameplay

The dealers will reveal the cards, tell you about the game features and also communicate with the players via a live chat feature. The dealer will start the game by distributing two cards each to the banker and the player but first, you have to set your bets and all the cards are revealed one by one depending on the bet amount on Baccarat Squeeze.

Next, the dealer will start revealing the card from the front-end corner and after sometimes will turn up the face of the card. The dealer will first reveal the card with the highest bet and will go further in decreasing order. This all is just to add tension and suspense to the game. The game is designed to be played by varying the language of the dealer and you can select any one out of the nine present languages.

Bets and the Scoreboards

There are three standard bets which are Banker, Player and the Tie. A player has an option to set two side bets. The five scoreboards present on the game screen will allow you to make smarter moves in future by showing you the latest score on the board. You will get new cleaned board every time with new cards brought to your tables.
The players can be resized and put in any place on the game screen. You can have four live dealers opened to play them all simultaneously.


Evolution Gaming once again proved that why it is the leading Live Casino Game provider in the world with the launch of Baccarat Squeeze. The game gives an amazing HD view from all angles with its 15 HD cameras so that you don’t miss out any action.

Game Title : Baccarat Squeeze

Author Name : Shaun Allison

Baccarat Squeeze