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Auto Roulette VIP
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Auto Roulette VIP
4/5 - (22 votes)

Auto Roulette VIP

Auto Roulette VIP is a fast-paced, live roulette developed by Evolution Gaming. Interestingly, you can view the game action in real-time but without a croupier. The table game is available 24/7, so you can play your favourite casino game at any time. It is also available on all mobile devices, further allowing you to play from anywhere. The game limits are perfect for all kinds of players, including low and high-rollers.

Auto Roulette VIP Features

Auto Roulette VIP is specifically developed to provide a unique fast-action variant of roulette to all those players who have been looking for an RNG alternative. You shouldn’t be surprised to see more than 60 games being completed in just an hour. This makes this thrilling casino game a great opportunity to win more in a short period of time. Some of the key features of this live version of roulette are as follows:

  • It is based on the standard European Roulette and follows the same rules
  • It has a betting range of 20p to £20,000 per spin
  • The game tables are open 24/7 for players to enter
  • There are no croupiers on the table, hence the name ‘auto’ roulette
  • The table uses a specially designed slingshot to launch the ball
  • This casino game is more about enjoying non-stop roulette action than about socialising
  • The game has a single-zero wheel, which means you have a lower house edge of 2.70%

Auto Roulette VIP Gameplay

Auto Roulette VIP is a game for all kinds of players. You can place bets starting from just £0.20 per spin up to a max of £20,000 on a spin of the wheel. Placing bets is simple and straightforward:

  • Choose the size of the chips and place them on the desired areas on the table
  • Place inside or outside bets with payouts ranging from as low as 1 to 1 up to a max of 35 to 1
  • You can place your bets even after the wheel begins spinning
  • Additional wagers are stopped only when the wheel begins to slow down
  • Play up to a max of 80 games in an hour

To Sum Up

If you are looking for an online Roulette game that allows you to play quickly without having to wait minutes for every new session, Auto Roulette VIP is a perfect choice. It is ideal for both low and high-stake players. The European Roulette wheel setting further gives you a favourable house edge.

Game Title : Auto Roulette VIP

Author Name : Shaun Allison

Auto Roulette VIP