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What Does It Take in Being A High Roller? What Does It Take in Being A High Roller?

What Does It Take in Being A High Roller?

A high roller is not meant to be about money. It can be referred to as a club, concept, standard, style, perception, etc. but most importantly it is about kindness and humility. There is a list of celebrities who fall under the category of high rollers. Few of them are not at all into gambling and should not wear the “High Roller” accreditation.

The celebrities, who call themselves high rollers, are not only famous among traditional gamblers but do enjoy popularity among online casino players. Most of them count on their fame and bankroll to maintain the status of a high roller but there are a few who dare to play for money. These celebrities have taken the entire gambling community by storm and continue to make them proud.

Dana White – Dana White is a classic example of living the ultimate Las Vegas lifestyle. He spends most of the time at the casinos to maintain his playboy lifestyle. He is the famous owner of UFC, a large scale sporting event that is responsible for generating huge sums of money per view revenue. He is so rich that he had placed $10k in a shoebox to train the coaches challenge in own reality show called the Ultimate Fighter. Known for generous tipping, Dana tipped in 5 figures for a deliciously cooked steak and also offered $100k to a blackjack dealer. He is known to be one of the stylish high rollers who loves being his extravagant self.

Michael Jordan – Known to be one of the best basketball players of all time, this proud leader of Chicago Bulls has a six-time championship and multiple games to his name. He has built a fortune from winning several basketball matches. Michael who retired from basketball due to the alleged rumour of gambling had lost $1 million to his friends at an intense game of golf. Michael’s stellar athlete career and basketball grit already earned him the title of a high roller. But he is also known to be a genuine gambler.

Ben Affleck – Ben Affleck is a very famous Hollywood actor who starred in several blockbuster movies and made tons of money to his name. Apart from being a talented actor, Mr Affleck is known for his sharp gambling skills. He displays a strong affinity for gambling. It is assumed that his gambling addiction badly affected his personal relationships with his loved ones. As a high roller, Mr Affleck has his shares of high points and low points. Being valued as a great and precocious card counter, he was prohibited from playing at 2 casinos. It is said that if someone was a part of Affleck’s team, he would be aware of all the underground business that goes under the casino tables. The rich and luxurious dual life of an actor and gambler makes him a classic high roller.

A high roller has to gamble

The basic rule of becoming a high roller is that the person should or has to gamble. If he does not gamble, he will not be called a high roller. More than the bets, people are concerned and obsessed with the ostentatious display of his wealth and abundance. To score as a high roller, he has to gamble. He can even gamble at any game online. He can either play online slots and win jackpot prizes or engage in an intense match at a live casino.

He has to bet for a huge sum of money. It doesn’t matter where he belongs to, what brand of car he drives and how much cash he has stored in the bank, it’s about the ability to bet for huge amounts of money. More the cash, more are his chances of getting the title of a high roller.

Big time casinos in Las Vegas refer to the high roller as whales. This is because whales play for huge amounts of money which benefits the casinos at the end of the day.

A high roller can tip well

The high roller should tip if he aspires to have a rich and decent lifestyle. If he is a big shot in gambling, tipping should not be a matter of deep concern. People like the driver, bartender or service providers are always on the lookout for someone who would pay generous tips. They would not prefer an average customer as he does not have the opportunity to pay for high tips and will provide less appreciation and scope for growth. A high roller has the power and the influence to make their jobs more challenging, create a huge impact on their lives and sometimes give them special treatment or benefits for just looking after them. Sometimes there are places where tipping is prohibited. In case if the service providers do not accept tips, then they should at least be offered a beverage or sincere token of appreciation.

A high roller can get ‘Comped’

Comped means that the casinos provide complementary services as rewards or loyalty programs for their dedicated players or VIP guests.

A high roller is entitled to comps. He can receive a free bottle of expensive wine to free luxurious hotel stays and free sports cars. High rollers can be comped for their gains and losses as well. For casinos, it’s never about the losses and wins they make, it’s about having a rich and famous high roller within their hotel premises. If the player loses a game against the dealer, the casino will send a beautiful gift or offer some incentives for a second game. If the player loses by huge margins, he will be gifted a majestic villa.

For casinos, the relationship between them and the high roller is of utmost importance. Many online or a  mobile casino provides lots of offers, bonuses, cash prizes and promotions to lure the players towards their websites.  There is severe competition between different casinos as each of them will fight over having the high roller at their premises. The high roller does not leave the casino behind with wins and losses. In return, he gets to meet some new people. These people are usually hired by the casinos who would send him gifts and offer free stays at one of their hotels at their casinos. They would also cook a delicious meal as per the orders of the high roller. The high rollers are allowed to play the games as per their rules and choices, even if it means wearing pyjamas at the casinos.

What Does It Take in Being A High Roller?
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