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Top Tips to Play Multi hand Blackjack Online

Blackjack is one of the most famous and most-loved casino games of all times. People have been playing Blackjack for centuries. It has changed form and name over time owing to its different versions now, but the casino game has maintained its charm over time. Single and Multi-hand Blackjack is pretty popular in the online and the land-based casinos. An online single hand Blackjack and an online multi hand Blackjack are the two most famous variants of them all.

Top Tips to Play Multi hand Blackjack Online

All About Online Multi hand Blackjack

An online multi hand Blackjack is a simple game of Blackjack that allows the player to play more than one hand at a time. The player can play up to a total of 5 hands together in one single Blackjack game. The online multi hand Blackjack is played with 5 decks of cards. The player bets on each hand and then the game proceeds in the normal manner. The best part about playing this Blackjack is that if one hand of the player beats the dealer’s hand, the player wins.

How to Win the Most At Online Multi Hand Blackjack?

Blackjack is a game of luck and strategy combined. With proper Blackjack strategy, making the most out of each hand gets really easy for all the players. There are a few tips and tricks that the players should apply to maximize their winnings at this game.

  • Each Hand Is Unique- The first thing to keep in mind is each of the hand that you play is a different hand and needs to be treated differently. So, play each hand as a different one so that you are not playing one but five games simultaneously.
  • Appropriate Aggressiveness- Since each of the game you are playing has a different strategy, decide the aggressiveness of your game accordingly. Keep one hand super aggressive and hold only when you get 20 or above. However, play one hand safe and hold at anything above 16. The others you can keep changing according to the dealer’s cards.
  • Take Your Time- The advantage of an online multi hand Blackjack game is that you can take all the time you want and there are no people looking at you expectantly to finish your move. So, take your time to think and then take your chances. There is no rush and all the five hands are yours. Play as if you need to win each hand. There is a possibility to win all five hands in one game and you should aim for that.
  • Insurance is Important- If the first card of the dealer is a face card, take an insurance. It is not a very common practice to take insurance amongst the online multi hand Blackjack players but it is very important. If you want, you can take insurance on some of the hands to minimize the losses if the dealer hits a Blackjack.
  • Ace- Take the value of ace as 1 unless it is making a 21 combination or a Blackjack. Using Ace as 1 can be beneficial in most of the games.
  • Splitting- It is smart to split the cards into two when there are face cards on the table. This doubles the chances of getting a Blackjack.

Visit Monster Casino to play multi hand Blackjack and apply these tips to your gameplay wisely. You will get a brilliant user interface that will surely give you a memorable Blackjack playing experience of all times.

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Top Tips to Play Multi hand Blackjack Online
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