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Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Blackjack Online Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Blackjack Online

Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Blackjack Online

The online Blackjack mistakes do not let the players win on one of the most profitable games in terms of the house edge. If this table game is played in an informed manner, it can turn out to be a money minting machine for its large fan base.

Online Blackjack Mistakes – What to Avoid?

Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Blackjack Online

1. Always check the rules before playing: This is one of the most common online Blackjack mistakes. Every Blackjack game doesn’t have the same rules. So it is very important to check these before sitting to play at a land-based casino or logging to an online game. For example, the odds of winning a Blackjack hand, does the dealer stand on a soft 17 etc.
2. Always playing with the basic strategy: Some great mathematicians and veteran players have listed the correct strategy to play Blackjack. It should be adhered to at all times. Doing so will highly turn it in your favour. There is one and only one strategy to play certain moves and by choosing to adopt the correct strategy one can easily avoid such online Blackjack mistakes.
3. Never use a betting progression: It has never been proven that Blackjack can be won with a betting progression. The house edge remains same and doesn’t change no matter which progression you use. It is always advisable not to waste time, money and efforts on such useless things and in fact use it to learn the correct strategy.
4. Do not play on a table with a continuous shuffling machine: A Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM) automatically shuffles the cards. It is used by the casinos to help speed up the game because the manual shuffling by the dealer takes more time. Therefore more hands are dealt per hour and therefore more rounds can be played. For an average player, this is not very favourable as it increases the exposure of his bankroll on a single round.
5. Never make the insurance bet: An insurance bet is a side bet which a player can make to protect himself against losses in case of the dealer’s Blackjack hand. But it is nothing except a casino’s way of making more money. The chances of the dealer Blackjack is very less and therefore this bet can rarely be favourable for a player. A guide on online Blackjack insurance will give you a clear picture.
6. Increasing your bet after a long series of losses: Some players believe that losing a few rounds increases the probability of a near future win. Therefore, they start playing with increased bets. But the reality is you cannot predict a winning hand based on your past games. Therefore, always avoid this online Blackjack mistakes if you do not want to end up losing big hands.
7. Never play while tired or intoxicated: You should always be in control of yourself and very alert before playing Blackjack. It is a game based on skill and strategy and cannot be played with a slow working brain.

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Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Blackjack Online
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Posted On : 12/01/2017

Author : Cameron Riddell