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  • Top 10 Cool Facts About The Flash - The Superhero

    Top 10 Cool Facts about The Flash – The Superhero

    You must be quite acquainted with Flash even if you are not a comic buff. Ever since the appearance of The Flash in his own super hit TV show series on The CW, the comic book character has become an iconic hero, much to the extent that he has been featured in hit movies like ‘The Dawn of Justice’, played by Ezra Miller. The forthcoming planned Movie ‘The Justice of Dawn’ is now awaited desperately by his fans.

    Top 10 Cool Facts about The Flash – The Superhero

    The Flash Gives Life Purpose – The Facts You Ought to Know

    With all the name and fame, here are the coolest facts about Flash which you always wanted to know.

        1.He finished someone

    In one of the most significant moments in the character’s history, when Reverse Flash murdered Iris West out of jealousy, The Flash was broken. Later, when the villain came back to kill Barry’s bride, Flash snapped his neck while stopping him, for which he also underwent a trial, though he came out free after the enemy was left alive.

       2. Barry Allen would be Arrow

    After Barry Allen was introduced in the two-episode Arrow plan, the network had planned to launch him as the recurring Arrow star for a back pilot making him the star in his own series. But thanks to the record-breaking success of The Flash, this did not happen.

       3. He ushered the Silver Age

    Barry Allen was actually the first modern comic hero, though not the first Flash. On his footsteps, the Batman and the Superman also got new lives in the so-called evolving Silver Age.

       4. The Flash died too

    Dragged into the Infinite Earth Crisis, the Scarlet Speedster disintegrated in front of the powerful anti-matter canyon, unlikely for a superhero though!

       5. He Beat Quicksilver

    The fantastic crossover of Marvel and DC features the fastest running man on Earth beats Quicksilver by pacing at the speed of light and proves incredibly faster.

       6. The first Flash was not Barry Allen

    Though the most popular, Barry Allen was definitely not the first in the history of Flash. It all started in the 1940s with Jay Garrick, a college student and was replaced by a younger Barry Allen a decade later.

       7. A secret brother

    The comic reveals that there was a botched delivery in the Thawne family by a drunken Doctor who then switched the baby with one of Nora Allen’s twins. In future, he turned to be Cobalt Blue, who set out to rob Barry of his speed, leading to a long family feud.

       8. The Murder Trial

    After supposedly killing Reverse Flash, The Flash had to face a murder trial from which he was eventually set free after the enemy was declared alive in a complex plot.

       9. Light Speed Punches

    Famous for speed, Flash was not only adept at his speedy movements but also punched with a force equivalent to the speed of a meteor striking the Earth and wiping off the dinosaurs.

       10. Faster than Superman

    The answer to this question as to who is faster has been successfully replied by the fact that the fastest man on Earth is The Flash.

       11. He travels through time in Treadmill

    The Cosmic Treadmill is a unique solution that The Flash devised to control his speed when travelling in time.

    Now that you have read them all, you can understand as to why Flash has obtained the superhero status the way he has! These facts are enough to make you visit your favourite casino site and play the slot game named The Flash Velocity and experience some of his fantastic ‘features’ at the leading online mobile casino, Monster Casino.

    Blog Summary

    Blog Name: Top 10 Cool Facts about The Flash – The Superhero

    Posted On: 06/07/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison