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The Nuances of Camouflage Betting

For many years, the players have tried to beat the house edge. Only a few of them could do it effectively. One of the most popular strategies to reduce the house edge is card counting. Coming directly from the famous book ‘Beat the Dealer’ by Blackjack Hall of Fame Edward O. Thorp, this technique is both easy and effective. Due to several reasons, players were forced to come up with ways that will allow them to practice card-counting without getting noticed. This technique is called Camouflage Betting. In this blog, we will learn more about what is camouflage betting and how can it be used.

The Nuances of Camouflage Betting

What is Camouflage Betting All About?

As the name suggests, it is a technique to disguise something. It is used by counters to keep playing without getting noticed or turning unwanted attention at a land-based or an online casino. Still not clear about what is camouflage betting?
This technique involves a set of actions that players perform while practising the art of card counting. It is widely used in games like Blackjack. This technique can save you from some unwanted circumstances in private casinos.

Why is Camouflage Betting Important?

Any player who has successfully mastered the art of card-counting can easily increase his/her winning probability. Casinos have tried everything they can till date to tackle this situation. However, the technique of counting is seeing advancements whenever necessary. Therefore, casinos do not really encourage this technique.

Although the practice of card counting is not illegal, it is frowned upon. It is thought to be unfair for both the casino and fellow players who do not know this technique. Nevertheless, people continue to use this skill to maximise their winnings from gamble houses. This is where knowing what is Camouflage Betting comes handy. This technique essentially hides the otherwise clearly noticeable counting skill.

Counters all around the world use this technique to continue using card counting and winning more money without getting notices. Even though counting is not illegal, private casinos have every right to ban any player they find using this strategy. This is why a counter should understand in depth what is camouflage betting.

How to Practice Camouflage Betting?

Now that you know what is camouflage betting, next thing you need to know is to how to practice it. There are no fixed rules or methods of camouflaging card-counting and other strategies. It is down to every individual counter what ways does he/she use to go unnoticed while masterfully winning more money using card counting. Below we have listed some common methods of camouflage betting.

  1. 1. Whenever necessary, act like a newbie who no one will ever doubt to be a counter.
  2. 2. Play as a team where one member plays like a normal player and the other one acts as a counter.
  3. 3. Interact with fellow players and the dealer to ask for tips.
  4. 4. Do not keep on winning high-stakes games, voluntarily play for some small value.
  5. 5. Do not let the chips pile up, use them to buy other stuff.
  6. 6. Be confident and control your greed so that you know when to stop.
  7. 7. Carefully observe other counters.
  8. 8. Always tip the dealer.
The Nuances of Camouflage Betting
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Post Name : The Nuances of Camouflage Betting

Posted On : 27/06/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell