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Social Casino And Its Features: A Must Explore For All Social Media Fanatics Social Casino And Its Features: A Must Explore For All Social Media Fanatics

Social Casino And Its Features: A Must Explore For All Social Media Fanatics

Social Casino And Its Features: A Must Explore For All Social Media Fanatics

The online casino industry has evolved in ways you can never imagine. It goes without saying that many people are passionate about casinos and spend their free time exploring and playing at casino sites. It is also obvious that many of these players are active on their social media accounts. What happens when you combine gambling with social media? You get what is known as social gambling. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about a social casino.

What do you understand by Social Gambling

When a layman hears about social gambling, he will think of playing a simple Poker or Blackjack game with his friends or families, preferably at home. That is partially true. But if we go through the technical definition of social gambling, it is something different.

Social gambling means engaging in casino games on sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. where you do not have to pay any deposits or real money. Therefore, every time you play casino games like Poker or Blackjack on social media sites, you are engaged at a social casino.

Now as mentioned above, you do not have to pay deposits. However, there are different options to invest money in social casinos. We will further explore that when it comes to spending money, how does it differ from a traditional casino.

What is the definition of a Social Casino?

A social casino operates on a social media site or app where you can engage with slots, cards and table games that you will find at any normal casino. However, do not confuse these games with popular social media games like Farmville, Animal Farm, etc.

When you play at an online or a traditional casino, you bet real money and upon winning, get real money. That is not possible at a social casino. It is only meant for the purpose of entertainment.

A social casino can be regulated by a gaming company or casino. When they are operated by either of them, the social casino has an advertisement value. The players will continue to gamble, even if they do not spend or win cash upon playing.

Features of a Social Casino

The main USP of a social casino is it is interactive. Playing at a social casino lets you interact with a large group of players which may not seem possible at a traditional or online casino. The other features that define social casino and set it apart from the latter are:

You can play with others
You can share your scores with other players
You can invite players to play a game with you.
You can flaunt your achievements or scoreboard on your profile.

Another characteristic of a social casino is players do not feel overwhelmed with the stigma of playing at a casino or gambling. Since it is not played for money, players tend to revisit the site almost every day. That’s like attracting a huge range of players. In traditional games, you will not find this kind of engagement. Over there, people play games for money. They are not emotionally attached to the game or the players as such.

Social Casino And Its Features

Key differences between the social casino and online casino games

Feeling of community- You will never get this at an online casino. At a social casino, since you play with your friends, there is a sense of togetherness where you can share your wins and losses too.

Sharing your victory- At an online casino, players who boast about their winning or achievements, are heavily frowned upon. That’s not the same case with social casinos. You can share and discuss your scores with your teammates.

Competition is intense- What we mean by this, the thrill and intensity of the competition that you experience at a social casino cannot be matched by an online casino. 

Pros and Cons of Social Casinos and Social Gambling

Social casinos too like any other casino have both positive and negative sides. Let’s go through each one of them.


  1. Social gambling is not technically gambling. Simply because you are not playing for money. You are only playing for fun and entertainment.
  2. Social casinos have no such legal restrictions. People from all around the world can play at social casinos without suffering any legal ramifications. 
  3. Many players are hesitant about spending money and many just want to learn to gamble. Social casinos are exactly meant for them. 
  4. Since you do not play for money at a social casino, you do not have to worry about losing your money 
  5. It enjoys a huge variety. It has all kinds of casino games, catering for all kinds of players.
  6. You can sharpen your skills and master how to play games at a social casino. Do that at an online casino and you have to pay for it.


  1. Be prepared to be interrupted by ads once you play at a social casino. Since ads offer great revenue, ads will keep on popping up whenever you play until you pay to put a stop to them.
  2. When you have to move up to an advanced level, you have to upgrade the game. It means you have to pay for extra credits and coins. Since the upgrades get quickly exhausted, you have to again pay for them. To be on the safer side, just set up a budget and credit card limit.
  3. Social casinos can become addictive. Since you are not playing for money, you can find yourself engaged on the platforms for longer hours. This addiction can slowly shift your interest in actual money-making online casino sites. 

Hope this article has cleared your understanding of what a social casino is. If you want to play a game and socialise with your friends and not spend money, then, a social casino is for you.

Just remember to spend your time carefully.

Social Casino And Its Features: A Must Explore For All Social Media Fanatics
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Posted On : 21/04/2021

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