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Important Poker Terms and Terminologies That You Should Take Note Of!


While playing poker at a traditional or an online casino, you have come across various poker terms and wondered what they must have meant? Well, do not worry? Our guide will introduce you to the commonly used words of poker jargon. We have broken them down into plain, simple language so that you can understand them better. We hope that the glossary helps you navigate through these terms and help you enjoy the game better. By the end of this, we are sure that you will get all these terms by heart and at the tip of the tongue. So let’s dig right into it.

Go through the list of poker terms

Ace High – The hand deals the card where one of the pairs contains the high card. It is called the Ace High.

Action – Basically refers to the actions displayed at the poker table like bet, raise, fold, call, etc.

Aces Up – Among the two pairs, one of it is an Ace

Add-On – It is the amount that the stack of tournament chips make up for the fee.

A-Game – Originally known as playing poker in the zone, it refers to playing with an open or a gaming mindset.

Backdoor – A draw which needs two other consecutive cards to compete.

Backing – When you lend money to the poker player, you are bound to receive profits in return.

Backraise – It is another word for re-raising.

Bad Beat – Losing a hand to the opponent.

Face Card – Refers to Jack, Queen or King.

Family Pot – It is a situation where the players do not usually fold in the betting round.

Fastplay – When a strong hand is dealt, people bet and raise money.

Favourite – It means that a particular player or a hand shows greater chances of winning.

High Roller – In casino games, it refers to people who take part in an intense and high-stakes game. It is just not constricted to poker.

Hijack – It is a particular position displayed at the poker table.

Last Longer – It is a bet made between two players. Whoever loses the bet, busts out.

Hit – When a good hand is dealt, players choose the option of hit.

Leverage – Refers to chips that are not used for the game in the moment but have an impact on the strategy.

Limit – It is a poker term used in the game which consists of a fixed limit betting structure. All the raises and bets take place in fixed increments.

Limit Poker – It is another term used in the game where the player has to raise or bet in fixed increments.

Limp – Refers to the act of calling when the player does not have to raise in the first betting round.

Maniac – A player whose gaming style can be described as intense or crazy.

Mental Game – Refers to disposition and mindset with which the players play the game at the poker table.

Price – It is the price at which we make a call by raising the bet. Often used with other power terms like pot odds.


Protection – It is a bet or raise the hand makes, usually in the situation where the player folds out.

Polarised – Here, the hands are categorised into two parts: value and bluffs.

Pot – The chips are compiled in the middle for which the players are competing for. When a player makes a bet, it is placed inside the pot.

Royal Flush – The best hand in the game of poker. Includes the ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

Run – It is used to define the downfall of cards over a period of time. Running good and running bad are the most used terms which define a lucky and an unlucky streak respectively.

Rundown – It is used to define the hands in the Omaha variants. The starting hand is usually called Ten-high rundown.

Trips – Mostly used in three card poker games, it refers to the three of a kind which you cannot find in the pocket pair.

Turn – It is the third betting round in variants like Texas Holdem and Omaha

Two-bet – It is referred to as the second bet in the betting strategy.

Two Pair – A hand formed with two sets of pairs along and a kicker.

Two-tone – A group of cards containing two different and separate suits.

Value Bet – A bet formed by a made hand. It’s one form of value betting.

Variance – It is used to define the ups and downs in the professional career of poker players. You will find this term used in interviews or competitions.

Variant – It is a particular type of poker. Like Texas Hold them, Omaha, Stud, 5-card Draw. You will find more variants in online casinos.

Villain – It is a term used to define the opponent in the game of poker.

This blog explains the common poker terms really well. The list is pretty huge though. You can refer to online casino guides or experts to know more about them and learn how and when to apply them during the game. The practice would make you even more conversant with these poker terms. Watch a lot of poker competition to know how top players use these terms. Remember the more you delve further into the game, the clearer your understanding will be. So carry on with more research and study. Check out more blogs on the website that explains other aspects of the poker game.

Here’s to playing more and learning faster. May you become the master of poker terms and play with style and confidence.

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Post Name : Important Poker Terms and Terminologies That You Should Take Note Of!

Posted On : 14/05/2021

Author : Cameron Riddell