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Try out the Monster Casino's Coolest New Live Casino VIP Games

Try out the Monster Casino’s Coolest New Live Casino VIP Games

Monster Casino has always strived to bring to you some of the coolest and latest offerings when it comes to online gaming. Players now have the access to their new live casino VIP Games where they can enjoy various table games ranging from Auto Roulette VIP, Blackjack Platinum VIP and Blackjack Fortune VIP. Let’s take a look at some of these games in detail.

Try out the Monster Casino's Coolest New Live Casino VIP Games

New Live Casino VIP Games – Try the fast-paced Auto Roulette

Roulette game lovers who are fans of high pace action are sure to enjoy this version. It features a live spinning wheel and players will have access to the game 24/7. There will be no live dealer, and the ball gets launched with the help of a slingshot. Playing the game is pretty simple, and all you need to do is choose your chip and place the bets in the desired area.

Enjoy Live Action at Blackjack Platinum VIP – A New Live Casino VIP Games

The makers claim this to be one of the fastest and most authentic new live casino VIP games where customers can enjoy the live action at the VIP Blackjack table. Feel welcomed by attractive live dealers, and designer gaming tables set it a grey tone. The minimum bet size has been set at 250 credits which means that this one is only for serious game players. The game rules for this version of the game is pretty standard, and the game kicks off as soon as the player takes a seat at the table. Bets can be placed within the allowed time frame and you are all set to go on a thrilling ride as the number of games played would be much more than the standard option.

Live Fortune VIP Blackjack will take your breath away

The perfect ingredients that could make online fortune Blackjack the best new live casino VIP games are high betting limits, opportunity to place good side bets and mobile compatibility. This new version by Evolution Gaming has all these features in it and much more. Added to these features are superb design and elegant surroundings which makes the game overall attractive. The rules of the game are very simple and are easy for even beginners to understand. What makes this game a feast for the eyes is that the developers have spent considerable time and effort in designing the game room. The dealers have also been picked very carefully making the gaming a completely smooth and free flow process.

With more and more people entering the online gaming arena, the race to offer online casino games that can keep the players engaged and entertained is in full gear. New Live Casino VIP games are entertaining and give a real-life casino experience to the players at Monster Casino.

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Post Name : Try out the Monster Casino’s Coolest New Live Casino VIP Games

Posted On : 30/01/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell