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The Key Facts About Roulette Wheel Numbers

Just how many Roulette wheel numbers are there? Well, that varies according to the particular Roulette version that is being played. Thus, wheel numbers total 37 on the European version of the game and 38 on the American version.

The Key Facts About Roulette Wheel Numbers

This different numbers above are explained by the fact that American Roulette comes with a double zero layout that its European cousin lacks. This double zero ensures that American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%, while the European Roulette version features a much lesser house edge of 2.7%.

Regardless of the Roulette version being played, most Roulette players, but most especially the new ones are committed to learning how best to make bets in Roulette. Some focus on finding out the particular numbers that come up most often during Roulette games.

While spins on the Roulette wheel are theoretically random, more than a few Roulette players believe that some wheel numbers show up more than they should. Some players also feel that some numbers are luckier than others.

It is all about the Roulette Wheel Numbers

Just like most games of chance, Roulette has loads of myths and superstitions attached to it. No matter how many Roulette wheel numbers there might be, some gamblers are of the opinion that these numbers can be either “hot” or “cold” and thus worth wagering on or not. Others might think that odds or evens, as well as red or black might lately be on a roll and therefore absolutely worth betting on.

Casinos are not ignorant of this mindset and thus usually display the last few winning numbers on an easy-to-read tote board. Such tote boards are much more detailed in online casinos and can offer a deeper insight into gameplay dynamics.

Most Popular Roulette Wheel Numbers

There are some Roulette wheel numbers that gamblers bet on more often than others. Such numbers are usually considered all shades of lucky and are as follows:

  • 17: As this sits right in the middle of the table, it is well-liked by those players who are of the opinion that the ball will end up in the middle.
  • 23-24: For some reason, the eye tends to latch on to these numbers. And that is why players like to bet on them.
  • 7: This is regarded as a lucky number all over the globe. In the world of Roulette, it is also highly popular.

Unlucky Roulette Wheel Numbers

Just as some Roulette wheel numbers are considered extra-lucky, others too are regarded as very unlucky or unlikely to hit. These numbers are as follows:

  • 13: 13 has always been an unlucky number, and this reputation sticks to it in Roulette. It is quite possibly the least played Roulette number.
  • 0: the number zero is not strategically located, to put it mildly. While it is not really regarded as unlucky, its position on the Roulette table tends to dissuade players from wagering on it.
  • 6: Players tend to avoid this Roulette wheel number, perhaps because it makes an appearance in 666
  • 34: Most experienced players regard 34 as unlucky. This might be due to its odd placement at the Roulette table.

Roulette is a very amazing game that has all sorts of myths attached to it. These myths often influence gameplay decisions for good or ill.

The Key Facts About Roulette Wheel Numbers
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Posted On : 11/06/2019

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