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A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Ace at Keno Game

Attention fellow keno lovers, if you are looking for tips and strategies to increase your fun in keno games this is the perfect article for you. Here you can find the compilation of best keno tips out there.

As we know keno is one of the most underrated games available in casinos because of its increased dependency on luck. Even though it’s somehow accurate ( well it’s a gambling game), there are some possible strategies and skills which will help you to increase the level of fun and entertainment for you.  If you are wondering how to play keno without breaking the bank try out the strategies mentioned in here.

Success and a mindblowing experience is every keno player’s dream even though it’s mostly based on luck; some players enjoy keno most of the time. It’s not rocket science but a great skill-set and a few strategies can help you have a memorable gaming experience.

If you also want to have a better experience in keno you better work on your skill sets and strategies. This article here is specially articulated to help the newbies to achieve their dream height in terms of a good experience in the keno game. These tips and strategies can be useful for both land-based casinos as well as online casinos.

Choose to play at licensed and trustworthy online casino websites

If you are planning to play keno look for authorized and legit websites like Monster Casino that are reputed and trustworthy. And also, make sure the personal details you provide for the registration such as your name, phone number, email address, and payment details are kept safe. 

Credible casino sites will display their license number on the easily accessible section of the website. And before putting your money make sure to read the online reviews regarding the site about the quality and fairness of the game. This will increase the chance of having a good playing experience.

Don’t look for lucky numbers because there aren’t any

Don’t get on board to play keno looking for a particularly lucky number because there aren’t any. The Keno system doesn’t have any guaranteed lucky numbers. 

Being a game of luck and strategies, don’t get fooled by advertisements saying hot and lucky numbers for keno because it’s absolutely nonsense and an utter lie. If any online casino sites are claiming such a kind of assurance it’s better to stay away from them, they are just trying to access your bankroll by fooling you.

Before entering a keno game be aware of your expected return

The keno game is completely based on the numbers you select. So before selecting any numbers do a little research and be aware of the expected return or ER the numbers you choose are going to offer you. The majority of keno players only choose the maximum 10 numbers because of the expected return. 

Like most mobile casino games, keno also has different variations to offer the easiest among them is the spot keno. Another variation of the game has a different ER, number of players, and extra number of balls. It’s always adviseble to start your Keno adventure with the simplest form and it is the Spot Keno. If you want to try other interesting casino games try to play blackjack online, which is also another popular casino game.

While choosing the casinos select the one with better payouts

This may seem evident but you will be surprised to know that many players have no idea about it. It’s highly recommended by top keno enthusiasts to choose your casino wisely according to its payout.

You may have a favorite casino for other online casino games like slot games online, blackjacks, and roulette online but that doesn’t mean your favorite casino is the best place to start your keno journey. Conduct research and go through the reviews carefully before choosing an online casino for enjoying keno.

Also along with the payouts you should check the variations of keno available in the casino because variations offer different experiences and probabilities.

Play free keno versions before attaching your bankroll

Keno is not a complicated game Thus many players dive right into real money keno games before trying free versions or doing research and they will losethe game and money.

No matter what game it is, it’s a simple common sense to practice it before real play. Just like that, we recommend playing demo versions of keno at the particular casino you are interested in without risking all your money at first. It will be very helpful for you to understand the game by getting a little hold. The payout may vary from casino to casino and there will also be minor changes in game platforms. Increase your skill-set by playing free trials of the variation you are planning to play.

Be aware of the house edge

The house edge is the percentage the player owes the casino. It is an average amount, not an amount taken from each round of individual betting. Knowing the house edge gives room for the player to know the losses expected during the game.

By estimating the losses, players will be able to plan their bankroll also. The casino game having the least house edge is blackjack which is at 0.5 percent. In comparision keno has a 25 to 40 percent house edge, so be aware and select the lowest house edge before putting your money and effort into it.

Look out for promotions and bonuses

If you are planning to play keno online anytime soon check out for liberal bonuses and other promotional privileges that online casino websites offer. Being a highly competitive nature of the online gambling industry, almost every casino is handing out offers and bonuses to attract new players. 

Take advantage of this and claim no deposit bonuses and rewards. If you check deeply you will be able to find a 100% matched bonus offered on a particular slot game usually after making your first deposit which will help you to test the game before depositing your money to the account. 


Buckle up Keno lovers, there’s good news for you. As we say there is a spring season for everything and now in the spring to play keno. The best time ever, so try out your luck in Keno today and remember the above-mentioned steps before doing anything to avoid loss. Like any other casino game keno is the number one of the favorites for many players, it can be yours too. Indulge yourself in strategic playing and the rewards will be yours.

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A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Ace at Keno Game
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