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The Journey of a Live Croupier – A quick-look The Journey of a Live Croupier – A quick-look

The Journey of a Live Croupier – A quick-look

A croupier is a person tasked with managing a game table in a casino. Croupiers are game dealers, responsible for dealing cards, receiving cash and handing payouts or tokens to players who have won. Generally, croupiers are sociable people who can strike a conversation even with the most drawn back introverts, have a thick skin, have an eye for detail and have an eye for details.

True, no industry is recession-proof, but the gambling industry has stood the test of time: it has existed for centuries.


Reasons You Should Consider The Job Of Game Dealers

1. Good Pay

Game dealers make at least £100,000 per year, and that is only if they had a bad year. On average, a game dealer in a small casino makes at least £25 per hour. Considering the not so intensive barrier to entry, this is not bad. Experienced croupiers who attend to high-rollers and those who offer significant tips earn much more.

2. Working Conditions

Although most casinos are fast paced, they have amicable working conditions. Some casino owners do not allow game dealer who does not smoke in smoking zones. Most casinos are well-ventilated, have good lighting and are clean to a fault. Better still, dealers are treated to great food and drinks that are at par with the offerings of most restaurants.

3. Minimal Education

Casino table games have a reasonable learning curve that only takes two weeks for newbies to learn. Most casinos offer in-house training to employees; they are more suitable to take up a job as a game dealer than people who do not have an idea of the casino environment. Institutions charge at least £500 to learn games such as roulette, blackjack and craps.

4. Benefits

Casinos offer bonuses and 401k match programs to game dealers and other employees. These are second only to medical benefits. Some even reimburse your tuition fees for job-related courses.

5. Tips

As mentioned above, dealers receive tips that significantly contribute to what they take home at the end of the day. Being friendlier and handling patrons earns them much more than they would receive. At split-joints, tips are shared between dealers depending on the hours each clock.

6. Transfers

Casinos allow dealers, when necessary, to move between companies and even in different states. Casinos also offer different jobs to experienced dealers such as supervisors, floor managers etc.

7. Camaraderie

Game dealers have many stories of their personal experiences. They have time to chat with patrons and other employees within their breaks.

8. Breaks

Dealers are allowed a combined two-hour break when working. This means that they are can take four 30-minute breaks during their eight-hour shift.

9. Scheduling

Most casinos are open for 24 hours, 7 days. It is easy to get a flexible schedule that is aligned to your optimal productivity period.

10. Time-off

Game dealers have paid time-off during their workweeks.

To Sum Up

Being a game dealer has several advantages. Besides learning the trade, you will need to improve your social skills. Want to experience the best live game dealers? Try out Monster Casino today.

The Journey of a Live Croupier – A quick-look
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Posted On : 13/08/2019

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