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How Significant Are Colossal Reels In Slot Games? How Significant Are Colossal Reels In Slot Games?

How Significant Are Colossal Reels In Slot Games?

Even the most seasoned and experienced players have some trouble wrapping their mind around colossal reels. This article explains everything there is to know about colossal reels, no deposit slots and online casinos to play colossal reel slot machines. If you do not have an idea about what they are, keep calm and read on.


Colossal Reels in No Deposit Slots

Owing to the recent advancements in technology, the days when of lacklustre video slots are long gone. Colossal reels have been on the rise from leading slot game developers such as WMS. At first glance, these are hard to understand, but when you finally learn the ropes, players will be exposed to different ways of landing wins.

The difference between colossal reel slot machines and the common video no deposit slots lies –expectedly- in the reels. They were first introduced in the casino world by Williams Interactive in casinos in Las Vegas. Colossal reels have two clusters of reels and not one. They are currently available in almost all WMS online casinos.

How Colossal Reels Work?

To better understand the intricacies of how colossal reels work, let’s take a look at Spartacus Gladiator of Rome game- an offering from WMS. The game has five reels and four paylines on the primary grid, while that on the left has 5 reels and 12 paylines. This is the foundation of the traditional layout of colossal reels.

Colossal reels offer multiple ways of winning. They have at least a hundred ways to win and feature stacked symbols that increase the chances of players landing a win. Players also have an opportunity to set the number of paylines that are active on offer.

Colossal reels also have another impressive feature that differentiates it from the normal reels: Transferring Wilds. It is one of the principal features of colossal reels. Transferring Wilds generally means that stacked wilds landed on the primary grid will be closed and transferred to the next one thus boosting the player’s winnings. Two reels directly translate to more possibilities of winning even in no deposit slots.

Understanding No Deposit Slots

One of the advantages of playing in online casinos as opposed to traditional brick and mortar casinos is the wide range of promotions, offers, and bonuses. These goodies help players extend gameplay and boost their winnings. One such promotion is the no deposit slot. As you can figure out from the name, the no deposit slots do not require the player to stake their money when playing it.

It plays well into the script of slot players who want to try their hand at a particular game. Beyond offering an alternative for earning extra cash without any risk, think of it as a way of helping you experiment and understand how a particular title is played.

To Sum Up

Want to a place to try out colossal reel games and the no deposit bonus? Try out Monster Casino- a secure, licensed and regulated casino that offers a variety of casino games.

How Significant Are Colossal Reels In Slot Games?
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