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How Online Casino Payout Works?

Are you an avid online gambler? It is very important for you to understand the payout percentages. These directly affect the winnings you make from any kind of game. It is essentially the difference between the amount you bet and the house edge of a particular casino. The several casino games have a different percentage depending upon the different house edge associated with each of these. It is really very important to choose a game that has better odds in your favour. That way you can aim for the maximum winning amount.

How Online Casino Payout Works?

Casino Games Payout – A Measure Of The Winnings You Make

By definition, the amount returned to the player in the form of winnings is the casino payout percentage. For example, for every bet equal to £1 if the house edge is 3p, the payout will be 97p or 97%. Usually, these payout percentages are reported on the website or are readily available with the customer support. If a casino doesn’t make these numbers available to the players, it shouldn’t be trusted. In short, the amount you take home completely depends on the payout of a particular casino. If a casino online doesn’t make it available it means it doesn’t have a transparent system.

What Can Be Called For Good Payout Percentages?

Anything around 95% or more is generally considered a good number. The land-based casinos usually have lower percentages than the online ones. Some casino games might have a pretty decent payout rate but they aren’t fun to play. The ones which have a higher percentage and at the same time are fun to play (like Blackjack with an RTP of 99%) do not offer many welcome bonuses whereas other casino games always do. Moreover, the rate may vary for two versions of the same game. For example, European Roulette has a lower house edge than the American Roulette. It gives a better return to the player. Also, the table games like Baccarat etc have a higher return to player for the least number of card decks used to play these.


To summarise, go for an online website that maintains a record of the payouts and makes it available to its players. One should bear in mind one thing. These percentages may fluctuate from month to month. One should keep it into consideration. One should always pick up the casino like Monster Casino with the best payouts to make the most out of your online gambling experience.

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Post Name : How Online Casino Payout Works?

Posted On : 12/11/2016

Author : Cameron Riddell