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Complete Guide on Casino Paypal Deposit

There is no doubt about the popularity of PayPal. It is the most widely used method of depositing money in casinos. Have you used PayPal to make an online transaction at the online casinos? Here is a detailed guide on how to use it. This method is available at the Monster Casino. It is the best way to make online deposits.

 How to Make A Deposit Using PayPal?

 Complete Guide on Online Casino PayPal

To make a PayPal deposit is pretty easy. All you have to do is select PayPal as the preferred method of making a deposit. After that, you are just required to enter the amount you would like to deposit. Then click on ‘Confirm’ to process the transaction. Within ten minutes, the amount will be credited to your account.

Are There Any Deposit And Withdrawal Limits?

The deposit and withdrawal limits may vary from casino to casino. To know the specific limits, you may have to check with the casino. Most commonly, the minimum deposit amount is 10. And the maximum is 5500 per transaction. The amount of 5500 may be too low for high rollers. You may want to get it changed and you can contact the customer support. Your limits can get better by becoming a VIP member of the casino also. Usually, the limits are increased automatically by the casinos. All you have to do is wait for your account to get verified. You will have to send a scanned copy of your identity proof.

Are There Any Advantages Of Using PayPal?

There are several advantages of using PayPal over other methods.

  • Security: PayPal transactions are completely secured and are regulated by FSA in the UK.
  • Free of cost: PayPal doesn’t charge any transaction fees.
  • Privacy: You do not need to share your bank details with the online casino. These are shared directly with the PayPal.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Two great PayPal apps, one for iOS devices and the other for Android make doing the transactions a breeze.
  • Speed: Within 10 minutes, the transaction is processed.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

As you may have noticed already, there is an upper limit for the transaction amount using PayPal. This may not be very favourable for people who make big transactions. Moreover, all casinos do not support paying through eWallets. And even if they do, they might charge fees for PayPal transactions.

PayPal is definitely the best method to deposit money online. No other eWallet comes closer to giving it a competition. This method of making transactions is approved by the Financial services Authority. It has a registered user database of 240 million with 160 active users. Moreover, this method is easy on the pockets with no extra fees levied on the PayPal end.

Complete Guide on Casino Paypal Deposit
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