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A Complete Guide on 243 Ways Slots

Slots tend to get monotonous after a certain point of time, but the online version of them is quite dynamic. So, to keep the show going, game developers keep on coming up with new themes and concepts. But even with the themes, the gameplay more or less remains the same. To bring a difference in them, the developers have come up with 243 ways slots. These are nothing but 243 ways to win slot games.

What is So Special About 243 Ways Slots?

A Complete Guide on 243 Ways Slots

243 ways slot games are those which have 243 paylines. Traditionally, slot games have 10 or 25 paylines, but now it is possible to have 243 of them in the latest format. The gameplay, too, remains the same. The player will be asked to set their bet on the same five reels, the only thing absent will be the option to choose the number of win lines they wish to play on. This makes small and frequent wins possible. This means, there are endless possibilities to win with every possible combination landing a win in 243 ways slot games.

Why are They Called 243 Ways Slots?

243 is not just a random number in 243 ways to win slots. There is mathematics behind them. For instance, if there are 2 reels, it will mean that there are 9 possibilities, that is, 3*3. So, if there are 5 reels, the possibilities of landing on a win are – 3*3*3*3*3, which equals to 243.

The Most Popular 243 Ways To Win Slot Games at Monster Casino

Now that you know about 243 ways to win slots, you must be eager to try some on. The three most popular 243 ways slots are – Medusa II, Twin Spin and Fantasini: Master of Mystery.

  • Medusa II

For all those who are into Greek Mythology, this 243 ways slot is the one for them. Sequel to Medusa slots, this slot game has better animations and graphics than its prequel. With wild stacks and free spins to offer, this medium variance slot is a must-play for those looking for entertainment and wins in their slot game.

  • Twin Spin

Taking you back to basics is this 243 ways slot. Twin Spin is a classic slot with the added feature of 243 ways to win. The theme is very basic with fruit symbols and card deck symbols spinning the reels. There are no free spins or bonus features, but still, it is one of the most popular online slots because the veterans love the classic spins.

  • Fantasini: Master of Mystery

This is one slot you will not easily find on any 243 ways slots casino. With a lot of mystery and magic involved, this slot is rare to find. It includes features like Linked-reels, which makes the slot-spinning quite interesting. The wild symbol also increases the fun in the gameplay.

Keep Spinning, Keep Winning!

243 ways to win slots are probably the best innovation in the virtual slot world. Log in at Monster Casino right now to enjoy spinning on these amazing above-mentioned slots!

A Complete Guide on 243 Ways Slots
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