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A Compare and Contrast of Online and Offline Scratch Card Games A Compare and Contrast of Online and Offline Scratch Card Games

A Compare and Contrast of Online and Offline Scratch Card Games

A Compare and Contrast of Online and Offline Scratch Card Games

Scratch cards majorly gained recognition in the early 1970s. It all started when companies began giving their customers free scratch cards to make customers purchase more. Such scratch cards were given on a minimum purchase value, where the customers who took up the minimum level of products were given an opportunity to win free and additional goodies. These brands tried creating an impact upon its customers, where they would win some small prizes and have a pretty good engagement with the customers. It was also a measure of keeping their customers happy and satisfied

It was long before internet gaming that scratch cards were discovered and they were purchased from counters by a number of people who were all willing to win big, scrolling through the next day’s newspaper. Now that we have the assistance of online and if you never played, you can play scratch cards online. Companies from across the globes offer scratch cards and declare results regularly or on weekends. 

Offline scratch cards

This is basically done on a physical basis. Gambling places generally release such cards in physical form, which is bought by customers. They are basically small papers which are scratched by users using a metal object like keys or coin. The one who wins will have the award mentioned in them, but the ones which do not have the inscription of Better luck next time. They are basically offered to the users in bundles, from which the user has to pick the number he is entitled to randomly, placing a guess on the ones which he thought would help him win. 


Online cards and perks

The online way is the same, just done on a virtual basis. You will be allowed to select the card, and then, you will have to click on the card to scratch it, basically move your cursor in the way of scratching to reveal what lies hidden. It is quite fun to play scratch cards online, as you will be visualising a lot more graphics and stuff. 

Difference between online and offline cards

  • Opening hours – Physical presence is not required for online scratch card gaming, as you will not have to stand in long ques. You can buy one in the opening hours from literally anywhere, no matter what you are doing.
  • Purchasing a ticket – The offline way to do so is to walk to the counter and select the number you have faith would let you win and then pay where they direct you too. If can also be done online, with just a button. But the condition is that you need to be over 16 years of age. You basically need to create an account, enter your personal details, then debit card details, and buy the card. 
  • Security – Physical tickets can doom you, as you have a fair chance at losing your winning ticket. You need to be extra cautious, and even if you are, you are always at the fear of losing it. This is however not the case for online gaming. It is because your account will have all the records of the purchase you make and there is no chance of losing them at length, and the system will let you know if you won a prize.  
  • Gaming types – The scratching of card with metal is the only way of the offline scratch card. But this varies for the online medium, as they have tons of instant wins just like a scratch card, of different types.
  • Claiming the Prize – Offline, when you buy a ticket, it so may happen that you forget the dates when the result is announced or may simply get confused. This way, even if you have made it to the prize, you will not be able to claim it for the final thing. As for the online medium, the results are generally posted in numerous places, including the social media you use on a regular basis, which makes it difficult for you to miss out on claiming the prize. Most of the games are generally instantly revealed, so you will also know the results immediately and need not wait or miss out on a claim. And, if you win, the amount will be instantly transferred to your bank account, thereby winding up the transaction.

If you begin playing, you may do your part of the research and then buy the tickets of the company you wish. You may also choose to stick to one company as that will increase your odds at winning. 

A Compare and Contrast of Online and Offline Scratch Card Games
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