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Betting in Blackjack: Here is How

As a card counter looking to be a successful Blackjack player, it is always important to know the type of bet as well as when to bet in Blackjack. Being skilled is not enough in a Blackjack game. To beat the house, you also need a wager spread that aims at minimising your inherent risks as well as maximising your profit margins or expected value. This article gives a few punters that should make you a smarter and better player.

Betting in Blackjack: Here is How

When To Bet In Blackjack – Avoiding Beginner’s Mistakes

When playing a Blackjack game, it is important to avoid beginner mistakes such as over-betting. This error in judgment can lead to entire bankrolls being completely drained. Over-betting may be as a result of players giving their edge more credit than it deserves. For example, if you hold a “true 10” it does not guarantee any win in the immediate term.

However, this is not to say that it would not be beneficial in the long run. With the “true 10” you have an advantage of just 4.5%, so it is important not to overestimate your gaming advantage. One other mistake that beginners make is in betting more when they experience a losing hand. This is not a wise decision as knowing when to bet in Blackjack also includes a display of prudent financial decisions.

You do not need to keep raising your bets in hopes of covering up previous losses with a big win. If you take this route, you could end up losing your entire bankroll. Know that even a seasoned card counter will lose an average of 40% of all Blackjack games played. So imagine what your average loss percentage would be if you do not exercise restraint and exhibit good betting decisions.

While over-betting is a common error by beginners. On the flipside, one other error by beginners on when to bet in Blackjack is the mistake of under betting. Just like over-betting, under-betting can equally be counterproductive as you could miss out on opportunities as a result.

Some reasons why people tend to under-bet is because of fear. This includes an inherent fear of failure and a fear of being backed off by the house. While fear is a genuine feeling, you should know that you really can’t make any headway in a game of online Blackjack if you are fearful of taking risks. The idea is to risk only that bet which you are willing to lose, or which will not significantly affect your bankroll at the end of the day.

Deciding On Your Bet Spread

In deciding on when to bet in Blackjack you need to also decide on your bet coverage or spread. There are different ways by which you can decide on your bet coverage, but the aim of each option is to help you to minimise your betting risks and maximise your expected value or profit margin.

You can make use of software like the CVCX which a betting simulation application software is available on Windows OS. Another option is to look for a mentor that will coach you on the best bet spread that suits your peculiar bankroll.

Finally, whichever bet spread you adopt, similar to knowing when to bet in Blackjack, it should ultimately be flexible and aggressive in order to minimise risks and maximise your expected value or profits.

Betting in Blackjack: Here is How
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Post Name : Betting in Blackjack: Here is How

Posted On : 06/06/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell