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Determining Your Bet Size In Online Slots: Here Is How Determining Your Bet Size In Online Slots: Here Is How

Determining Your Bet Size In Online Slots: Here Is How

Determining Your Bet Size In Online Slots: Here Is How

There are several bet sizes available in slot machines at online casinos. You may bet ranging from 0.20 to 100 dollars each spin on several games. Several modest and high rollers will be satisfied with this selection. The usual $0.20 lowest possible bet allows almost everyone to play their preferred online or mobile slots.

But of course, with this much diversity in the gambling range, settling on a bet size might be difficult. For example, you may be concerned that modest bets may not provide you with enough winnings, whilst larger bets would put you in danger of losing too much. Fortunately, you can decide on the correct bet size using the appropriate expertise. This tutorial explains the factors you should consider when determining how much to bet.

When deciding how much to gamble on slots, you should take into account many things. Each of the variables listed below will go a fair way towards assisting you in determining the ideal stake size.

How long do you want to play?

How long do you want to play

Online slots are meant to be fun, first and foremost. The more your funds will last, the further you will be able to play these games. Because the house has an edge in mobile slots, bigger stakes lower your possibilities of playing for longer.

What rewards do you expect to win?

Relatively small bets may provide more fun, but they also lower your chances of winning, which is particularly true nowadays since most max rewards are calculated depending on your investment.

Several games also provided progressive jackpots, which could be earned with any wager size. Mega Moolah is a throwback to the 1980s since it lets you play for as low as $0.25 to clinch a multi-million dollar jackpot.

Most contemporary slots, on the other hand, calculate the highest win dependent on your wager. Thus, you may win up to x times your total stake. For example, in the Rainbow Riches slot game, the max win from a base game spin is 500 x your stake.

What rewards do you expect to win

With larger payouts, volatility rises

With larger payouts, volatility rises

Massive slots rewards are always exciting to play. But larger maximum winnings, on the other hand, tend to increase volatility. You could be enthralled by the prospect of winning up to 50,000 times your initial investment. That being said, your probability of winning such a large sum of money is generally in the billions. The magnitude of typical payments that you will win is reduced when there’s a lot of variability. It also reduces the frequency of hits in many situations. On volatile slot games, you should attempt reducing your stake size. In the meantime, consider increasing your stakes on lesser variable slots.

Highest bets while using active bonus/promotion

Online casino bonuses have restrictions and limitations attached to them. Follow these terms and conditions: whether you are engaging with a deposit bonus or slot game free spins. One of the most commonly used words is “maximum bet requirement.” Whenever you have a current bonus, you can’t wager more than a specific amount. If you wager too much, you will miss out on the bonus you were hoping for. For example, a gambling site may limit bets to $10 till you complete the playthrough requirement. Because of this, you must risk betting no more than $10, or you will lose the bonus.

Highest bets while using active bonus/promotion



After you have determined all of the elements that go into selecting a bet size, you should move to the calculations. You can calculate out how far your funds will potentially survive by plugging amounts into various situations.

Mathematically you cannot quantify all variables. For example, volatility is something that you must have an intuitive sense of. If any video slot has a variability rating of 9/10 or 10/10, your estimates will be much more speculative. After all, your payment % will be skewed considerably above or below the stated payout per cent. However, while crunching the statistics, you must account for volatility. If the calculation indicates that your bankroll will survive twenty hrs on a 10/10 volatile game, it may last just 10 to 15 hrs in reality.

On the other side, you may win a large payment and significantly increase your bankroll. In this scenario, you may enjoy it for up to 100 hours. Additionally, you may bank the proceeds.

Recognise that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wager

If you have read thus far, you will notice that we haven’t offered any precise advice on choosing your bet size on online slots. The reason for this is that no one bets that one size fits all.

You could like pursuing large rewards on very unpredictable games. In this instance, wagers ranging from 0.20 to 5 dollars could be a good choice. You may still play slots without forfeiting all of your cash in a matter of minutes if you do it this way.

You may, on the other side, be fortunate and have a lot of cash to dabble with. You can easily contemplate wagering more than $5 per spin if you have a large bankroll. Understanding the many elements at play and applying them to your circumstance is the key. When deciding on bet size, take into account the exact slots you are playing.

Recognise that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wager

Large wagers on less volatile titles are safer. Bigger bets, on the other hand, might quickly deplete your bankroll when volatility is high. Additionally, you must examine the maximum wagering requirements associated with active bonuses. If you are a big roller, you will want to wait until the bonus has been cleared before betting.

Selecting a bet size, on the other hand, does not limit you to a certain sum. You may always change your bets as needed.

Establish a bankroll management strategy

Determining Your Bet Size In Online Slots: Here Is How

After determining the optimal wager level for your scenario, you need also establish a bankroll management strategy. A bankroll strategy has several advantages.

  • Choose a bet size

You don’t have to pick a certain bet size and abide by it. However, after considering the elements discussed before, you may at least get a fair estimate of your stake. The aim is to get a sense of the typical wager, so you make the bankroll calculations. You can, of course, do numerous computations with varying stake sizes.

  • Determine how far you can stand to lose

The first step in bankroll management is determining how much you can stand to lose pleasantly. But then again, online slots are games with a negative expected value (-EV).

Some people think there is a possibility of winning 5, 6, or perhaps even seven figures. However, you will almost certainly lose in the longer run. By deciding to pursue, you may keep your hopes of gaining something alive. But, it would be best if you only jeopardised your surplus cash while doing so.

  • Avoid the feature purchase

Some designers offer the option of triggering bonus rounds right away when you purchase a feature (bonus buy).


The majority of slot players place wagers based on how they feel. They can start with a bet of 0.50 to 1 dollar and gradually raise or reduce their investment. You may, however, employ a more precise method that considers your bankroll and unique circumstances. It goes a significant way towards assisting you in managing your money if you choose the correct bet size. It will also guarantee that you get to enjoy your preferred video slots for a longer period.

Determining Your Bet Size In Online Slots: Here Is How
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