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The Best Casino Movie Scenes any Roulette Lover will fall for!

The Best Casino Movie Scenes any Roulette Lover will fall for!

Over the last hundred or so years, many a casino movie has been made. Most of these glamorise gambling or tell the tale of what happens when folks gamble without care and get addicted to what’s on offer.

The Best Casino Movie Scenes any Roulette Lover will fall for!

More than a few of these casino movies are about roulette. Some of these roulette-themed movies are iconic, due to the excellence of the dialogue, casting, storyline and acting. The best of these iconic roulette-themed movies will be detailed below.

The Best Casino Movie Only For The Best Roulette Lovers

In no order, the best casino movies that all roulette lovers need to check out today are as follows:

  • It’s Casablanca Or Nothing– Casablanca was a casino movie released in 1942. It is easily one of the most iconic films of all time and an Academy Award winner in its own right. It stars greats like Humphrey Bogart, who in this movie is obliged to cheat and ensure that his former lover and her new guy win a shot at a new life. Casablanca is sublime in all respects and regularly makes the top lists of the best movies of all time. And that is why it is a must-watch for every roulette-lover worthy of the title.
  • What A Cropped-Up Croupier– Croupier came out in 1998. It stars the handsome Clive Owen and has him play the role of a guy who is out of his depth on the casino floor but loving it. It offers great insight into the act of gambling and can be both enriching and soul-crushing. In other words, it is a must-watch casino movie.
  • Poor Lola Must Run– Run Lola Run is a 1998 hit, with Lola being the heroine. This poor lass has the poorest excuse for a boyfriend and must find a way to get together a hefty amount of money, else he will go rob for it. There are quite a few possible endings for this movie, and in the last, she makes a bet on 20 at the wheel and it hits.
  • The Toy In The Story– this delightful 2010 animated movie titled ‘The Toy Story’ has a gambling scene that bears watching. In this, Lotso the bad bear gets his comeuppance and more.
  • Gotta Love The Californian Spirit– California Split is a fast-paced gambling movie that was released in 1974. In this casino movie, the main characters play roulette games almost ruthless. This is overall a gambling movie that well might educate roulette lovers on the ins and outs of their beloved game. And that ladies and gentlemen are part of why it made this top 5 list.
  • Rotten Scoundrels, They Are– in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1998) the duo of Steve Martin and Michael Cane get together and cause all sorts of mischief. They operate as con men, blissfully swindling their way through a small town with big aspirations that is located on the Mediterranean. The unholy duo eventually tries to steal some serious cash from a contest winner, thereby unintentionally creating a comedy of errors in this erratic casino movie.

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Post Name : The Best Casino Movie Scenes any Roulette Lover will fall for!

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