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An Overview of Deck Statistics in Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most widely played casino games. Also, it is one of the oldest gambling games ever. It is believed to have existed since the 17th century. Of course, there has been lots of change or two over so many years in the history of this game. However, the basic concept of the game remains the same. Here is a little guide about Blackjack numbers to help every gambler out there.

An Overview of Deck Statistics in Blackjack

There are over 30 popular different variants of online Blackjack worldwide. But every variant has a similar objective which is to maintain a better score near or equal to 21 than that of dealer’s. Therefore, 21 is the most important of Blackjack numbers ever. To make things interested or perhaps twisted, different versions of the game involve different versions of card decks.

What are the Different Blackjack Numbers?

The game of 21 is so famous that many different nations have come up with their own version of the game. That’s not it, from casino to casino, the rules might vary from the standard set of rules. This is why there are variable Blackjack numbers whether you’re talking about the number of players involved in a game or the number of decks used.

  • The Number Of Players: A table of Blackjack can host anywhere from 1 to 6 players at one time. All the players play individually against the dealer and the number of fellow players on the table does not affect the game for any individual gambler. All the players are dealt cards by the dealer in a similar way. Once, the cards are dealt, they all go against the dealer individually and put their strategies forward in this awesome card-comparing game.
  • Value of cards: Value of cards is another example of the importance of blackjack numbers. The game is all about the value (total sum) that a player scores compared to that of the dealer’s. In a game of Blackjack, all the numeric cards from 1-10 hold value exactly equal to the card numbers. All the face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are valued at 10. An Ace could be valued at 11 or 1 depending on the player.
  • The number of decks: Another set of Blackjack numbers that hold supreme importance in the game determine the number of decks that are used in a game of 21. Every deck of cards has 52 cards. The number of decks varies from 1 to 9 in different variants of the game.

Deck Strategies in Blackjack

A ‘deck strategy’ in the game is based on the number of card decks that are used. Every deck includes a pack of 52 cards, also known as a standard deck. The number of decks might differ from 1 to 9 in Blackjack. Earlier only one deck of cards was used everywhere to play 21. It was not until the father of card-counting, Edward Thorp released his well-renowned book ‘Beat the Dealer’ that more than one deck was needed. Edward’s card-counting skills were brilliant which led to an increase in the winning chances. Casinos introduced more decks in a single to tackle this situation. The popular strategy is, the lesser the decks, the better as with an increase in the number of decks, the house edge also increases.

An Overview of Deck Statistics in Blackjack
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Posted On : 18/06/2019

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