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  • Big Money Slingo Bonus

    Big Money Slingo Bonus
    4.212 (84.24%) 33 votes

    Big Money Slingo Bonus is an interesting variant of Slingo that slot lovers can indulge in. It seems more like an adventure rather than a slot game, as it allows you to pick one location out of the six options to visit once you start playing the game. You can also start raking in cash while exploring sites such as Smuggler’s Cove and Jokers Hamlet. Monster Casino offers Big Money Slingo Bonus for adventure and fortune-seeking players who want to try out this very interesting game.

    Overview of Big Money Slingo Bonus

    Big Money Slingo Bonus is probably the only instant win game that features a screen where the player needs to choose from six different options of available locations. Based on the choice made, the player could easily win prizes amounting to £150,000. It costs 50p to play Jokers Hamlet, £1 to play Golden Fields, £2 to play Royal Forest, £5 to play Smuggler’s Cove, £10 to play Diamond Peak and £15 to play Lucky Gulch.

    The gameplay accompanying each option remains the same and the only difference lies in the prizes. This implies that in order to win it big in Big Money Slingo Bonus you need to spend carefully, as the more you spend the more prizes you win.

    You get six spins, excluding the extra spins won during the game. With each option being chosen by you during the base slot gameplay. The key aim is to create as many diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines as possible, as each win which is referred to as Slingo offers you a lucrative cash prize. You will also find pointers and cash values all around the grid, which indicate the win potential for each line. The prizes vary between 50p and £10,000, with the cheapest game being Golden Fields. Lucky Gulch, which is the most expensive option fetches a slot player anywhere between £20 and £200,000.

    Press the Start Button to start playing the game. Four Jokers are placed on the game board and reels are spun to display either a symbol or a number. Numbers that land on the reels results in the corresponding numbers being marked on the grid with a star. An additional spin is offered at the end of the game when you land a free spin symbol on the reel. You do not have to bother overmuch about winning, as the game itself offers a plethora of opportunities to easily make huge wins.

    Key Features 

    • Cool animations and design
    • Free Spins
    • Win cash prize up to £150,000
    • Adventure-themed gameplay


     Offering a plethora of ways to win it big and excellent graphics, the game is certainly worth recommending. The maximum £200,000 payout is certainly not to be sneezed out and mark this game out as a must-have and a must-play.

    Game Summary

    Big Money Slingo Bonus

    Game Name: Big Money Slingo Bonus

    Posted On: 05/07/2017

    Author: Shaun Allison

    Big Money Slingo Bonus
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