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Scientific Games Presents The Soldier of Rome Slots Scientific Games Presents The Soldier of Rome Slots

Scientific Games Presents The Soldier of Rome Slots

Rome was the preeminent military and political construct of its day and controlled a large part of the known world. Now, fans of the ancient Romans, with their togas and numerous gods and goddesses can vicariously experience the Roman era through Soldier of Rome slots.
A Big Bet feature is supported in the Soldier of Rome slots, as well as a free spins and Money Burst mode. If this kind of slot is just right up your alley and you feel like stepping into the worn sandals of a Roman legionnaire and fighting for honour and glory, then read on and see all that’s on offer.

Scientific Games Presents The Soldier of Rome Slots

A Soldier of Rome Slots And A Lover Of Good Fun!

The Soldier of Rome slots five reels are oddly shaped but very well designed, while the setting is somewhere gloomy that’s filled with magnificent but crumbling pillars. A fully kitted legionnaire stands to the left of the reels.
The icons of a chariot, the ruling couple, a silver coin, two swords, and an SPQR standard move along the reels to try making a combination out of the 100 paylines on offer. Making up the low-value icons are playing card values rendered in vivid colours.
The aforementioned soldier is the wild appears exclusively on the third, fourth and fifth reel and triggers the Mighty Reels feature that boosts the available paylines to 100. The other wild of a game’s logo further spices up things for you.

Bonus Features up for Task

For the bonuses, there is a Soldier of Rome scatter icon which begins ten free spins with an extra bonus icon used bringing extra five spins making a maximum of twenty-five possible free spins. Lots more free spins can be re-triggered from within the round by landing more of the required scatter icons.

To activate Money Burst/Lightning Spins of Soldier of Rome slots, players must land a quartet of matching icons on the four available reel positions at the left of the reels. Lightning spins are then awarded, and these can end up on the main reels.

Then there is a featured Big Bet Option too which is purely optional and necessitates players paying £20, £30, and £50 respectively for the activation of bonus features which trigger the Mighty Reels and eliminates the low-value icons.

Overall, Soldier of Rome slots is a well detailed and executed effort that pays homage to the magnificent undertaking that was the Roman Empire. It’s feature-laden, exciting and with the optional Big Bet feature, the RTP gets boosted from 93.78% to 97.82%. So, for lovers of history, this one is worth a shot.

Scientific Games Presents The Soldier of Rome Slots
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Posted On : 07/08/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell