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Online Blackjack: All About Aces

Blackjack is, of course, one of the most popular games in the world and a common sight in most of the more iconic gambling-themed movies around. It is a game of luck and skill in which most players have a love and hate relationship with the ace. Thus, they scream to the high heavens with glee whenever the ace of spades shows up in their collection while bewailing their rotten luck whenever the dealer has an ace. Why is this so? Read on and get to know more about online Blackjack.

Online Blackjack: All About Aces

Online Blackjack And The Battle Of The Aces!

The thing is that in online blackjack, once the dealer has an ace, the chances of his/her going bust becomes vastly diminished. This, of course, means that the player loses, which is why most players tend to freak out whenever their dealer comes up with an ace.

When this situation occurs, players should know that there is little use fighting the inevitable. They should thus start playing to minimise the losses that will occur when the dealer wins with his/her unassailable blackjack hand. Here are the strategies that players can implement on such occasions:

  • Surrender – If the dealer has an ace and you the player has a hand that is valued at 16, the best thing to do would be to surrender, that is if the rules permit this. By surrendering players get half their bet amount returned to them, rather than losing everything when the dealer plays the hand to its conclusion. Should the rules in place require the dealer to hit on a hard 17, players should then think about surrendering if they have a hard 15.
  • Hit A Stiff One – Hitting a stiff hand – a hand whose value runs from 12 to 16 – is not a delightful occasion by any means, as it can lead to players going bust. But in this case, it is required to improve the hand, with potential losses from performing the hit being lesser than doing nothing.
  • Double Down with Care – When the rules in Online Blackjack let the dealer get a hit on a hard 17, players should try their utmost not to double down. Doubling Down in such cases is however permitted if players have hands worth at least 11 in any single or double deck game of blackjack, as well as a six or eight deck game.
  • Hit the Ace – Players of Online Blackjack should always strive to hit against the ace. The objective, in this case, is to acquire a hard hand of from 17 to 21, or a soft hand that’s worth from 19 to 21. Standing with a hand worth a soft 13 to 18 is absolutely forbidden.
  • Split with Care – never split pairs, unless they are aces or eights.

On the other hand, when the player has an ace, maximising the chances of success entails performing the following actions:

Refraining from playing online blackjack games whose payouts are less than 3:2.

  • Forever splitting aces – Recognising that the presence of a couple of aces in the two initial cards results in a soft hand. On having a soft 13 to 18, doubling down on the dealer’s 5 or 6 is allowed.

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Online Blackjack: All About Aces
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