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The Kavouras bet strategy: Here's everything you need to know The Kavouras bet strategy: Here's everything you need to know

The Kavouras bet strategy: Here’s everything you need to know


Kavouras Bet is a fascinating and engaging roulette strategy that differs from other roulette methods in that a large pattern of roulette bets are put all over the table. The technique may appear difficult at first glance, but it is actually rather easy once the spending pattern is understood. That is because whether you gain or lose, you do not have to modify your bets, and the same wager and pattern are constantly replayed. In this post, we will explain what this intriguing trend is as well as how effective Kavouras Bet is as a strategy, but first, let’s take a deeper look at the roots and history of the strategy.

Kavouras Bet’s roots

Unlike other roulette methods, which have been around for decades, the Kavouras Bet was created just recently by a man known as Kavouras. He first released an explanation of it in 2010. The intention with which Kavouras devised the approach are as follows:

1) Use a lot of numbers

The Kavouras bet consists of 20 numbers. This reduces the volatility of the game, the consistency of the appearances, and the length of the losing series.

2) Digits should be strewn over the wheel in a haphazard manner

We address chaotic roulette results using a chaotic betting strategy. It also removes the risk of a dealer or casino ignoring the sector you are playing in on purpose.

3) Not every number is staked with the identical amount of money

A greater bet is placed on some numbers, while a lesser wager is placed on others. This feature of the Kavouras bet was originally intended to reduce the number of units required to wager these 20 numbers. It started out as a method to “keep the stakes low”. However, it turned out to have a number of unintended consequences, and it had become the roulette strategy‘s most attractive feature.

4) Every victory results in a profit

Because we bet a lot of numbers but not all of them by the same amount, it’s possible that a few of them are “defensive” picks, meaning they don’t offer a gain but, if they strike, they limit our damages. This is not true with regard to Kavouras approach. You get a return of at least 1 unit if a lot of your picks succeed.

Now we get to the unintended benefit:

The betting quantity is likewise unpredictable. This, along with the fact that you wager a lot of numbers and obtain hits frequently, allows you to alter your wagers frequently and in a variety of ways. As a result, the attack is very adaptable. Extremely adaptable, to say the least.

What is Kavouras Bet and how does it work?


Although most methods used in either offline or online roulette are meant to be utilised on bet substitutes that return double the investment, Kavouras bet is intended to cover twenty distinct digits on the roulette table using various betting alternatives to form a betting pattern. You should, therefore, wager this pattern each round while employing the method. It goes like the following:

  • One unit must be positioned in each corner to include the numerals 3, 2, 1, 0.
  • Over the double street, 2 units must be put to accommodate the numerals 31 to 36.
  • Each of the remaining 5 splits should have one unit: 27/30, 17/20, 15/18, 13/14, and 8/11.

The total number of units put is 8, however the amount of each unit varies based on the table’s restrictions and the player’s actual bankroll. It might be about $1, $5, $15, or even more, therefore let’s use the term “unit” to designate the chosen basic wager amount.

In Kavouras Bet, the overall investment for the betting method is always 8 units, meaning that a successful strike will always result in a 1, 4, or 10 unit gross profit. As stated earlier, you have complete control over a unit’s value. The critical point is to stick to the same routine every time.


Pros and cons of using the Kavouras method




  • The best part about this betting pattern is that it is a really fascinating strategy that will undoubtedly provide an enjoyable roulette gaming experience unlike many other methods. Once you have mastered the wagering pattern, Kavouras bet is also incredibly simple to employ at the tables because it doesn’t need any adjustments.
  • The disadvantage of this betting strategy is that you can’t modify the house’s advantage over you, which implies you will lose in the longer term even if you strike more successful rounds than failing ones.
  • A second advantage is that because greater than 50% of the numerals are covered, there are greater chances of a successful round occurring more frequently than a failing round, which is not the situation with strategies based on betting options that return twice the stake, such as black/red colour.
  • When you use the plan and lose a round, you lose an overall of 8 units. Even if it’s the best situation, you will earn this back the following round by striking a split that would give you a gross profit of 10 units, but if you strike the double street, you would only earn a gross profit of 4 units which would not recoup the preceding round’s loss. If you reach the corner, things will become much worse since you will barely generate a total gain of 8 times what you lost the prior round. In the worst-case situation, you don’t gain anything at all, leaving you with an overall loss of 16 units, which is considerably more difficult to get back from.

Should you put your money on Kavouras Bet?

This is a unique choice contrasted to many other roulette methods, hence, if you desire a unique gaming experience without needing to worry about changing your bet whether you gain or lose, Kavouras Bet is well worth a try. You can use a roulette simulator and try out this strategy first before playing it in reality at any online casino.


The Kavouras bet is designed to reduce volatility to a minimum, but it may easily become high in actuality. The approach provides the idea of being a successful strategy since it hits more successful rounds than lost ones on average, but the fact is that it is impossible to acquire an advantage over the casino.

It’s crucial not to get too hung up on this strategy being a low-variance technique since the highs might very easily get extremely high, while the lows could also get quite low.

The Kavouras bet strategy: Here’s everything you need to know
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