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Starburst: UK’s No. 1 Online Slots Game

New Customers only, +18, Verification needed for UK players. No deposit, Max bonus £5. Valid on: Shamrock N Roll, Mayan Marvels and Candy Swap. Wagering x100, Max winnings capped at £20. T&C's apply.

Starburst: UK’s No. 1 Online Slots Game

Starburst was launched as an online slot game in January 2012 and till date remains one of the best in its genre despite several other counterpart titles trying to make their mark. Powered by none other than NetEnt, it surely reveals its high-quality and excellent delivery in every way.

NetEnt has been one of the leading software providers in the iGaming world and is renowned for its studios producing some of the best online slot games played across various casinos. It’s been 6 years since the exciting Starburst slot was introduced for the intergalactic theme enthusiasts and it has managed to stand the test of time, providing scores of winning opportunities to players. The outperforming software, excellent user-friendly interface, unique game design coupled with cutting-edge animations, sound effects and ample rewarding features makes this slot game a popular choice among slot players.

Initially, when the game was released in early 2012, the reviews didn’t really make headlines. This slot game picked up momentum gradually winning hearts of slot players. With time, it surprisingly gained stellar success despite poor reviews in the beginning. Its increasing reputation and admiration led to more and more casinos using this popular slot to attract a larger number of customers to their gambling sites. Several promotions and offers launched by casino owners on this slot game further boosted its presence and acclaimed more fame.

The original video slot developed by NetEnt prides itself on being a leader in iGaming with its advanced technology, 3D animations and graphics, innovative function and features. The game has been recognised even on social media platforms and there’s no other game in the market yet that can match its reviews closely.


What Makes Starburst Slot a Showstopper Casino Game?

If you have been wondering as to what makes this slot so popular, then here’s why:

The online gaming industry is flooded with myriad games across so many categories and themes. However, regular video slot players are well-versed with the fact that Starburst has always been a gambler’s favourite on the reels despite it copies trying to penetrate the market, so much so that the producers themselves have not released a sequel to this game. So how did this slot game garner so much attention from players?

The answer is quite simple. Starburst is an extremely engaging game with brilliant glitzy visuals and graphics, well matched hypnotic sound effects and not only that, it can be breath-taking especially when you hit the bigger wins. The game is easy to understand, and both beginners and experienced slot players enjoy playing it repeatedly. Therefore, the players have titled Starburst as the best slots game. After all, how many online slot games offer free spins with a value of 0.10 on each spin. Moreover, this slot has a low to medium range of volatility, making it one of the worthiest slots for both the players and the casinos hosting it.

Starburst Slots: The Cosmic Game Theme And Symbols

Starburst Slot Game

Featuring dazzling and vibrantly coloured jewels in blue, purple, yellow, green and orange, the game is as lucrative as mesmerising. The design brilliantly arranged with gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds adorning every single reel. The neons are enticing and surprisingly a lot of players find them relaxing as well. The sparkling jewel symbols are reminiscent of the classic Bejeweled game. While the jewels look charming, the bar symbols and ‘7’ emerge as two of the highest paying symbols in this slot.

Simplistic yet vibrant, the funky colours can get you hooked. You will feel as if the colours are splashing colours from the screen. The slot game’s background impeccably infused with the jewelled foreground transcends players to a starry heaven loaded with blessings in the form of rewards. The Starburst symbol represents the wild and can substitute all other symbols. This allows players to enhance the variety in which they can claim winning combinations.

When compared to other average slots, this one has a lesser number of symbols but this works in its favour by increasing the chances of these appearing in greater frequency. Players who manage to cluster 3 Golden Bar Balls, Fire Engine Red 7s, Emerald Green Jewels, glittery Amber Gems, fiery Orange Gem, Square shaped Blue Gems or Purple Stones can thank their stars to have grabbed some massive winning opportunity.

Starburst Slot Features

Game features are the core attraction of casino games and this slot game has plenty of them to keep you busy on the reels. The incredible Wilds and the Win-Both-Ways feature keep players entertained throughout.

  • Autoplay: For all those players who wish to recline and enjoy a coffee or chat up with friends, the autoplay feature on the slot allows complete luxury to do so. You can simply sit back and watch the reels spin without even having to touch or press a button on the slot machine. It also allows players to change settings to control and halt the autoplay feature whenever desired.
  • Winning Both Ways: This slot game comes with this dual side win feature where players can win from left to right and vice versa. This bestows players with an opportunity to double their winnings. An incredible tool that amplifies your winning potential optimally, this makes it a highly desirable game on the reels. Like many of its counterparts, Starburst slot’s grand prize is estimated at 2500x the triggering stake.

How to Play the Starburst Slot?

You can play this popular UK slot by following the steps as mentioned below:

  • Select an authentic and reliable online casino that offers NetEnt slots and register your casino account.
  • Check the minimum deposit amount required to fund your account and search for the Starburst game on its website.
  • Once you’ve located the game, allow it to load. Check, if there’s availability of re-spins here. You will be able to use them if re-spins are available.
  • Determine your coin value prior to spinning. You can check and set the coin value on the right-hand side (bottom) of the screen and toggle it accordingly to increase or decrease the value.
  • Correspondingly, select the pay lines that you want to activate which will be viewable on either side of the screen.
  • Click on the spin button in the middle (bottom) of the screen to begin spinning for real money.
  • You can also activate the autoplay feature and pre-select auto spins between 10 and 1000.

Starburst Slot Online

Tips to Rule the Galaxy on Starburst

Some slot games are deemed a random status and Starburst is also one among such online slots wherein strategising a winning combination may eventually prove futile. However, you can still try a few tips to enhance your winning opportunities in this highly rewarding game.

  • You can happily bet lower amounts on the Starburst wilds feature and increase your number of spins with your starting fund. As typical of the slot set up, wagering low can lead to a lesser amount of jackpots.
  • Trust your instincts and if you feel you could win, maximise your bets. Sometimes the feeling matches a real-time winning streak. With limited time to cash on winning opportunities, veteran gamblers know that these are fanciful.
  • Some experts who’ve repeatedly played this slot game indicate a pattern in the amount of winning pay lines that can be noticed when met with amounts of £2.50, £5 and £50. Though that’s just intuitive to some players, it’s up to you to see if there’s something about the game that makes it sensitive to these numbers.
  • Winning the big jackpot amount will require luck to support. However, you can try some of the above-recommended tricks to maximise your winning chances, though we already know that this slot automatically brings a host of winning likelihoods.

What Makes Starburst a Winning Slot?

There is a multitude of slots and the more the options the merrier are the gamblers. Starburst’s secret beauty lies in a bunch of things including 10 paylines and its potential to render a payout of 50000 as the maximum amount along with its low-medium level variance. All these brought together offer authentic prizes and several incentives to play this slot game. The cosmic appearance and feel of the slot is a treat to the space geeks out there who love to experience the solar flare. While it undoubtedly pleases the eyes of players, there’s more to it making it one of the reasons why every online casino includes some or the other promotion and offer on its name. Obviously, developers try to make a game distinct to see customers flock to their gaming zones and this slot game does exactly that with its luring features.

Starburst Slots: The Hot Favourite Among
the UK Online Casino Players

Starburst Online Slots

When it comes to online slots, players from the UK have an extensive games lobby to cherry pick from. Ranging from simple classic games to complex progressive jackpot slots, players have innumerable options. In this obscuring crowd of casino games, the slot is perhaps one that shines as the brightest even till date. The fast pace of the game and the frequent massive payouts is absolutely luring to slot aficionados.

With Starburst in your casino list, you will find yourself immersed in one of the most stunning and innovation casino games to have been released ever. The slot relays immense energy on the reels and gives players a chance to engage in something that never loses its sheen. While a lot of other slots could over the time become redundant, this sparkling online slot beckons players to the reels every now and then. While entertainment is one of the aspects, players love generous payouts and this slot game ensures more than your expectations because it provides the scope to win both ways on every spin. The slot game is played on 5 reels and 10 paylines and its potential reward of 50000 coins bring players back to playing this game multiple times.

What’s more, the slots game in its original form is accessible on smartphones and tablets as well. Skyrocketing into Starburst is possible from anywhere and even when you are on the go! The developers have ensured accessibility of the game from any device of your choice, thus contributing to its popularity. It works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices as a perfectly fitting mobile slot. With the high-end compatibility that this game offers, winnings are not restricted to territories and time. The very first spin will sweep you off your feet and ship you on a thrilling journey deep into space that offers a multitude of re-spins and wilds. That’s not all; you can play Starburst for free prior to staking your real money. No wonder, this makes Starburst UK’s classic video slots favoured by most players. Whether novice or high rollers, everyone is cashing in on the slot’s popularity making it the top-ranking game at almost every casino.

Claim your Bonuses on the Intergalactic Mission

Starburst features two engaging bonus rounds that keep players entertained through the gameplay: The Starburst Wild Bonus and Win Both Ways round.

The Wild Takes Off

The Wild appears exclusively on reels 2, 3 and 4 and subsequently expands to fill the entire reel when it is activated by a re-spin. The expanded wild Starburst Wilds has the potential of triggering a maximum of 3 re-spins. With an additional wild symbol owned during the re-spin, players will be awarded additional re-spins. You can win up to 5 re-spins with this feature. This means that you will be able to generate big winnings on any decent bonus round.

With the winning Both Ways feature, it is irrelevant which way a winning combination appears on the reels because you win irrespective of where it falls. Whether it is right to left or the other way around you will be able to grab a big win on the reels. The coin values range from £0.01 to £1.00 and players can wager at a minimum of £0.10 per spin or hit the maximum stake button to wager £100 at once. Winning the maximum amount of £50000 may not be very easy but players know that it’s not impossible. With 3 expanding Starburst Wilds you can hit the highest reward.

What’s so Promising About Starburst?

You already know that Starburst is popular and that it does not offer a massive progressive jackpot or multiplier per se, so what makes it a dream game? Here are a few points that attribute to its eternal popularity.

  • An undeniably engrossing game, the slot’s theme is entirely unique. Some games like the Irish or park-style themes have been done and re-done so many times. This slot game is an exclusive winning recipe with its haunting soundtrack that alone could be a reason to play it more often.
  • The jackpot is massive with its £50,000 per day winning chance that can be won by playing a simple game with a bare minimum of £20 per stake.
  • There’s so much action in this slot game making it simply an exhilarating experience for all players. The Starburst wilds and the expanding wilds feature that appears at any moment can set your hearts pounding. With an overall smooth yet fast-paced gameplay, Starburst keeps the excitement on reels alive.
  • Not an expensive game to play, players emerge as inevitable winners despite low staking requirements.

Playing Starburst Free Spins Game

Starburst slots do not have free spins, but it has an expanding wild feature that can be triggered by landing Starburst wild symbols. Players could also get re-free spins when this feature is activated.


Overall, Starburst has received immense admiration in the iGaming world and has been dominating the online casino industry games for some time now. The appealing theme, the rewarding paylines and mysterious wins make Starburst a less-fussy and player-friendly slot. The Return to Player is 96.1% making it a safe and bedazzling bet for the players. Reach out for the stars on this interstellar mission that vouches for a zillion jewels to treasure in your gaming box! Play now at Monster Casino, the UK’s top favourite online and mobile casino.

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