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  • Tripoll

    4.28 (85.6%) 25 votes

    Tripoll is a scratch card game designed to play on mobile phones. The game has many interesting twists and turns added to it. It is accessible across all the platforms i.e. Windows, iOS as well as Android too. Read about all its features in this review by Monster Casino.

    The Tripoll Prize

    A unique thing to note is that the stakes will get tripled when 3 dice of similar values are rolled upon. The name of the game has been derived from the highest payout available here. This scratch card game will definitely remind you the scratch card games that were played earlier i.e. the traditional ones.

    The theme of the Tripoll is a contemporary one and the music that plays when the dice is rolled is actually awesome. You will definitely enjoy your gaming journey with such an amazing background music. The ‘loss’ and ‘win’ sound effects are actually set according to the game moods. The highest bet you can place is £240,000 and with this bet, you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

    Before the game begins, a short game is there to warm you up. Cool, isn’t it? Choose the arrows on every row out of total 6 rows and the prize will be visible on the screen before the dice are rolled. Though wins are not guaranteed, so it is advised to get the hands-on small sized stakes rather than bigger ones.

    For playing, choose every row which means all six rows and then go with the rolling of dice. When dice value is equal to the targeted number of any particular row, a win will be created. The moment you get a similar value on 2 dice then you will be given a double prize. If the outcome turns out to be 3 rolled dice having similar values, a Tripoll will be landed that means a triple prize.

    Hitting it right

    Either you win or lose but that is totally dependent on the numbers that come up on the dice. The stakes available include £10, £5, £3, £2, £1 and 50p. There is also a tab titled “Win up to £x” present at top of the screen that can be used for increasing or decreasing the stake of the bet. If you want an automatic mode that reveals all the scratch cards at once, then you can use “Reveal All” button and the “Stop” button can be used to return to normal mode.


    Various colours, as well as themes, are used in the designing of this game that makes the outlook of the game very interesting. A beautifully coloured tea-tray having the logo of the game on it as well as 6 rows of different colours appear. The colours include yellow, pink, blue, green and orange too. Overall, the game is a fun giving you many instant prizes. If you hit it right, you can grab many awesome prizes in Tripoll.

    Game Summary


    Game Name: Tripoll

    Posted On: 07/05/2018

    Author: Shaun Allison

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