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  • Fantasini

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    Welcome to a world of mystery and intrigue. With the Fantasini: Master of Mystery slot game, you can usher in a whole bundle of surprises, and make your fortune by spinning the reels under the watchful eye of this master illusionist.

    About the Fantasini: Master of Mystery Game Developer

    NetEnt is the beautiful brain behind the Fantasini: Master of Mystery slot game in which you have some amazing graphics that are spellbinding especially when you play the game on mobile. NetEnt is always making some great games, and this one just adds to their long list of marvels.

    How to Play Fantasini: Master of Mystery

    Fantasini: Master of Mystery is a slot with 5 reels and 243 paylines and is based on a magician doing some special tricks to draw you in as you make your wager. Fantasini will try his best to fool you with his magical illusions as he tries to escape his chains and it is up to you to figure out ways to make your money while he is busy.
    To start playing you will need to place a bet on the spin that you are going to start and then begin spinning the reels. Your luck will determine if the master illusionist will be kind to you or not in this game.

    Bonus Features

    Wild substitutions: The wild symbol is the magician himself and while he tries to escape, you can catch him and hold him in place long enough so that he will give you some matching complete paylines.
    Joint reel feature: This feature occurs in almost every other spin and it joins the reels together with chains so that they spin together and display matching symbols. This will then give you better chances to win especially if you have all five reels spinning together.

    The Final Verdict

    Fantasini: Master of Mystery is a slot that is filled with intrigue and suspense, but it can also be fraught with danger and we are not talking about the escape artist not being able to get out of his chains. In this slot you need to be wary of wagering a little too much on every spin until you have exhausted your bankroll. What will serve you best is to wise up and get out of the game if you find that you are falling behind, because Fantasini will not be very nice to you after he is done with his act. Besides this, the game itself is brilliant to play because of the sheer brilliance of it being a NetEnt game and all of the beautiful imagery and game design that goes into a slot of this caliber.

    Game Summary


    Game Name: Fantasini

    Posted On: 06/05/2016

    Author: Shaun Allison

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