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What is The Unique Prize Disk Feature and How Does It Work?

What is The Unique Prize Disk Feature and How Does It Work?

IGT has come up with yet another unique gameplay which is bound to intrigue the minds of players and professionals alike. ‘Prize Disk’ is the unique gameplay wherein players get the chance to have a go at earning more than they could ever expect from any slot machine game that is available in the market today. The new gameplay comes with the two popular slots UK machine games – ‘Elephant King’ and ‘Wolf Ridge’ which popularise this concept in the market today.

What is The Unique Prize Disk Feature and How Does It Work?

What is the New ‘Prize Disk’ Feature to be used in the Slots UK Games?

The new gameplay allows players to move a column over the reels to either left or right. This allows the column to land a random prize option that is depicted after every round. These prizes can vary from free jackpots or even free games and/or bonuses as well; something that slots UK games is quite popular for!
Here is a short insight into the two games that would involve these features:

    • Elephant King: One of the favourite slots game that involves 5 reels, 40 payline slot. The slot game features the grasslands of Savannah and this idea is apparently quite appealing to the slots UK market. The betting range of Elephant King slot game is from 75p to £1,500 per spin. The games available on both mobile as well as PC format and can be quite favourable for people who like to play on their phone as well. The symbols and characters are quite like the theme; animals (including the Elephant), diamonds, high card symbols etc.
  • Wolf Ridge: This slot game is again one of the classic favourites which features and follows the Arctic lifestyle theme. The game features a picturesque, snowy theme with mountains laden with snow. There is a 5 reel, 3-row grid layout that offers 30 fixed paylines as well.Symbols include the variety of colourful gemstones, high cards and the wolf as well.

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If there’s one place that offers some of the best IGT games on the market, then that’s Monster Casino for sure. The place is ridden with a vast selection of the choicest slots UK games that players might look into in order to find the best game that suits their interests and needs. The casino also offers some of the best promotional offers that might seem intriguing to players as well as professionals.

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Post Name : What is The Unique Prize Disk Feature and How Does It Work?

Posted On : 21/03/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell