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Trustly Banking Method is now available at Monster Casino Trustly Banking Method is now available at Monster Casino

Trustly Banking Method is now available at Monster Casino

The more you play, the better are your chances of winning. Monster Casino makes that easy! Its mobile interface lets you play from wherever you are. But adding funds to your game account using your mobile phone can be tricky. It is painful to enter all those details of your bank account or credit card each time you want to make a deposit. Now that is a thing of the past at Monster Casino, thanks to Trustly Banking Method.

Trustly Banking Method: A Payment Gateway to Connect all the Gateways

Trustly Banking Method is now available at Monster Casino

Why is Trustly Banking Method a Unique Approach?

  • This is a new kind of e-wallet service that has proven to be the best and safest. You need not go to your bank account or enter those lengthy credentials anymore.
  • Trustly allows you to add all your bank accounts in one place so you can get instant access anytime.
  • Since phone billing is the most preferred methods at online casinos these days, Trustly eliminates all those hassles involved with it.
  • All you have to do is choose the amount and let Trustly do the job of adding it directly from your preferred bank account. And you need not worry about the security part as every transaction initiates a one-time password that is sent via SMS to you. So only you can enter that code after which the funds are cleared.

Have Complete Control on Your Money

Trustly banking method keeps track of all your transactions that is accessible to you. You can add or withdraw funds anytime you want. The best part is you need not store money to your Trustly Account. It only acts as a shortcut gateway to your bank account and just pulls the money and pushes to your Monster Casino account with ease. This also lifts the limitation of depositing money. With Trustly, you need not worry about crossing your daily limit at an online casino.

If you feel you have accidentally put in more money, don’t worry as Trustly has an option to withdraw that. You can even transfer your money from one bank account to the other with ease.

Instant Access to Your Accounts

When you are playing at Monster Casino and in case you run out of funds, just log in to Trustly Account and instantly make a deposit. You need not enter the card and or account information of the bank all over again. There are no hassles of storing your bank information anywhere else. Since every transaction with Trustly banking method is protected with a unique one-time password, there is no chance anyone can misuse your account. You can check the balance of all your bank accounts in one place and see which one you want to use.

Just Send Money, Not Information

Trustly banking method does not send any information about your bank account to casino sites or apps. All the information is stored only within Trustly and all that goes to your casino account is the money. So the casinos will only know the money came from Trustly and will not have your bank information. This eliminates your worries that casinos might misuse the information. You do not have even to worry about other e-wallets or payment gateways.

Monster Casino is proud to associate with this unique foolproof payment system that helps players transact easily and safely without any hassles.

Trustly Banking Method is now available at Monster Casino
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Post Name : Trustly Banking Method is now available at Monster Casino

Posted On : 20/07/2017

Author : Cameron Riddell