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  • Top 10 Tips To Win At Online Blackjack | Monster Casino

    Top 10 Tips To Win At Online Blackjack

    Online Blackjack is one of the most popular table games. You might be aware that this is one of the games with the minimum house edge and pays pretty well. But, that holds true only for the educated gameplay. So, you can win big only when you play it skilfully. To do so, presented below are top tips that can help you win more in this fun game.

    Strategies to Adopt While Playing Online Blackjack

    Top 10 Tips To Win At Online Blackjack

    In online Blackjack, you have a visibility of your two cards and one of the dealer’s face up cards. On the basis of it, you should determine what action needs to be taken.

    1. You should hit when:

      • If the dealer has seven through ten or an Ace and you have a total of eight or twelve through sixteen.
      • If the dealer has Ace and you have a total of eleven.
      • If the dealer has a ten and you have a total of ten.
      • If the dealer has seven through nine and you have a total of nine.

    2. You should stand when:

      • When you have a total of seventeen or above.
      • If the dealer has a six or below and you have a total of thirteen or above.
      • If you have a pair of tens or face cards, instead of splitting, you should stand.

    3. You should split when

      • If the dealer has four through seven, you should only split twos and threes.
      • You should never split fives.
      • If the dealer has six or below, split sixes and sevens.
      • Always split eights and Aces.

    4. You should double when

      • If the dealer doesn’t have Ace or ten, always double a total of ten.
      • If the dealer doesn’t have an Ace, always double an eleven.
      • If the dealer has three through six, double a nine only then.

    5. Online Blackjack strategy charts: These charts let you know what decision to take in every scenario of Blackjack. It is highly advisable to use them. They do take away an element of decision-making while playing but using these; you can effectively remove all of the casino’s house edge.

    6. Choose the version after knowing all the rules: Whenever you decide to play a new version, always know all the rules beforehand as these may differ from the standard Blackjack rules.

    7. Card Counting: You cannot go wrong with Blackjack if you count the cards. It is a very old strategy and always successful. But some casinos might not allow it or might look down upon you if you are found to count cards.

    8. Choose the version within your budget: Always choose to play at an online table where the bet size comes within your bankroll range. Take a look on what is online Blackjack Bankroll and how you can manage it.

    9. Play online Blackjack for fun: Unless the casino is right across the block from your place, you might find playing the game online much cheaper and comfortable.

    10. Avail all the online casino bonuses: Playing online makes you available a host of casino offers which can provide you great bonuses to play with.

    Monster Casino is the best place to play online Blackjack for fun. This casino would never disappoint you whenever it comes to the variety of online games they offer. It can be rightly termed as the best Blackjack online casino in the UK.

    Blog Summary

    Blog Name: Top 10 Tips To Win At Online Blackjack

    Posted On: 15/12/2016

    Author: Shaun Allison