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Top 5 Online Casino Baccarat Tips

No online casino Baccarat tips can guarantee you a win at the game. But knowing these tips, you can ensure to not make any obvious mistakes and have an overall satisfying gaming experience. If you keep these in mind, you will certainly increase the quality of the game that you play manifold.

Online Casino Baccarat Tips – What to Know!

 Top 5 Online Casino Baccarat Tips

1) Tie bet is a losing bet: Tie bet is the bet that you place on the banker and the player’s hand to have the same total. It has a very inviting payout of 8:1 but the probability of it to actually happen is very dim. So avoid placing such a bet at any cost.
2) Banker’s bet is preferred over player’s: This is one of the best online casino baccarat tips anyone would tell you. There is a reason that casinos levy a 5% commission on the banker’s bet. It is because the probability of it winning is the maximum. The house edge for a banker’s bet is 1.06% whereas that for a player’s bet is 1.24%. The commission is a way for the casino to guarantee profits from such a bet with a higher probability of winning.

3) Note taking won’t help: The game of Baccarat is not at all about statistics for mathematics. Therefore there are no patterns to observe or note in it. If you do so, you will end up wasting time and gathering frustration of not being able to identify any pattern in all your losing bets.
4) Play with least number of decks: House edge is directly proportional to the number of decks used in the game. Therefore, choose a game that is played with the lesser number of decks than the one played with more decks. This way, you choose a game that gives you the greater probability of a payout over the one with a lesser probability.
5) Try your hand at a free game before playing a real money one: If you are new to Baccarat, is always advisable to first try your hand a free game to make yourself acquainted with the way the game is played. Then only invest real money in it.

These online casino Baccarat tips are quite easy to understand and simple to remember. There is a certain skill set that is required to play even the simplest of the games that greatly involve luck factor. These tips summarise all that you need to know to play a Baccarat game skilfully.

Top 5 Online Casino Baccarat Tips
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Posted On : 08/11/2016

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